Summer Blog Hop – Pneuma by Serena Kearney




Genre: Sci-fi/YA/Romance

Pages: 420

Publisher: Serena Kearney


Estelle Caldwell is responsible for a war between three planets. A war that was started with her birth. Safely hidden on Earth for eighteen years, all that is about to change the night of her birthday. Her grandfather, Larry, gives her an ancient necklace the night before, and that turns her normal life into the truth. As she soaks up the new information of what she really is, she has to come to the realization that she will have to leave everything she’s known. She has to leave her friends, the ones that have given her a meaning of existence, and the one that has shown her what true love really is. The price everyone she’s loved has to pay, is their memories. And that is enough cause for her to tell him her true feelings, even if only one of them will remember it.



I playfully shoved his wide shoulders as he placed his arm around me as we headed towards the jeep.
“Aw, come on. I gotta treat my girl special on her eighteenth birthday!” he opened the door for me, “Your Majesty!” And bowed his head as I sat in the jeep.
He doesn’t even know how much that applied to my problems right now. I cringed at the word, but held my tongue before he knew something was really up. He closed my door and got in the drivers seat and headed for school.
“You okay? You sounded off on the phone?” His voice broke me out of my trance as I stared at the buildings we drove by, still thinking about every detail of my dream.
“What? Oh yeah, I was just tired, didn’t get much sleep last night, but I’ll be okay.” I shrugged my shoulders to indicate it was no big deal. I think I failed miserably. He was quiet the whole ride. He knew something was up.


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I love to write! I LOVE to read! Sometimes I have to balance it out… No. Don’t read that… write…but then if the book calls to me, I have to stop writing to finish the book….HA! Go figure!

I love green tea in the mornings….yes tea… not coffee… tea. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee too…..BUT I LOVE tea waaaay more!

I love straws… don’t judge, but I just have to have a straw when I drink things…I don’t know why.

I love CAKES! Red velvet…mmmm…. Chocolate too! Cookies….. ok gotta stop or I’m gonna make myself hungry.

I love animals, especially my cat, Bongo-Bongo… yes… I love double names too.

And of course, last, BUT NOT least, my wonderful of a soul mate husband… yeah, I said it… soul mate… husband.

But hey, I still can swoon over book boyfriends!!







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