Summer Blog Hop – Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday by Linda L. Picl



Title: Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 233
Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing


Nothing short of a miracle will convince Angelea she’s the person everyone claims she is. She thought she was just waking up from a nightmare, but her nightmare is just beginning. Her doctor tells her she’s someone named Angel Bennett, someone she’s never heard of and the bruises on her body tell her something horrendous has happened to her, but what? That’s something no one can figure out.
Nate Matthews knows who Angelea really is. She’s his lover and he’d hoped his future wife. But when she awakens in the hospital after a routine surgery and she claims she’s married to a man named Alexander from a time long ago, he knows they will both be up against something no one has ever had to face before. Maybe something evil. How will he convince the love of his life she is not married to a pirate?


Fear like she’d never felt before welled in her throat, “It’s Angelea not Angel.” She corrected. Clearly he had the wrong room.
“Well your friend said it was Angel Bennett from Key West Florida.”
“No it’s Angelea.” The more she insisted the more panic grew in her gut. Angelea what? What was her last name? Try as she could nothing else came to her, her memory had been wiped clean, she didn’t remember anything else. Nothing but the agonizing dream she’d just finished and the terror that quickly filled her mind again.

~ Excerpt ~


“No it’s a first step Ang.” The wind and the waves became stronger tossing their hair and confidence for a good dive around. She looked at the surf, “I guess you’ll have to walk me through this diving thing Nate because I can’t remember the first thing to do. I can swim right?”
He laughed , “Like a fish, it’s like riding a bike. Just jump in and you’ll know what to do.” He thought that over and wondered how sound that idea was. She didn’t remember anything else will she remember what used to come to her like breathing.
“Yeah like riding a bike into the ocean right?” She asked not quite convinced she could or wanted to dive into a cold, cold sea.

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11401043_807672592672934_2253792500915903901_nLinda L. Picl was born in 1955 and got her love of reading from spending time in a tiny library under a police station in a small town in Illinois. From there she went on to work at many of the libraries in suburbs all around the Chicago area which only fired up her love of romance novels.
Following her favorite authors Robyn Carr and Nora Roberts she went on to write sweet romance books and produced her first book Next Time Love Comes and then Solitary Dreamer, both second chance at love romances. Not everyone gets lucky on their first try at love.
Those are the types of books Linda loves to write. She has just published her third book, a paranormal romance, Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday was recently published by Beau Coup Publishing and more books are on their way.

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