Summer Blog Hop with Giveaway – Shelby (A Second Chance Novel, book 4) by Kemmie Michaels




Book Title: SHELBY

Book Genre: Adult Erotic Romance

Page Numbers: 260

Publisher: Bruce Street Publications


Shelby Keene is learning to do life on her own, and is failing miserably. Swept away in a sea of sorrow, Shelby finds herself swept away by danger, as well, one that changes her life permanently.




I show up to Second Chance tonight, ready to plaster on my smile and pretend I’m ok with watching Mason and Sofia together. All those weeks ago, I promised him no drama. I’m keeping my promise…which makes being here that much harder. Choking back my emotions gets more difficult every time. Loving Mason stabs me. Watching him love Sofia twists the knife.
He may not be who he pretended to be, but I remain in love with every side of him. His hidden self makes no difference. I believe he is a genuinely good man regardless…and I wasn’t enough for him. Yet here I sit, smiling with a group of friends I barely feel connected to anymore. Sadly, this is the only group of friends I have left. The few other people I used to hang out with at the bar drifted from my world when I was with Mason. I dedicated myself to him, which left little time for anyone else.
I’m such a damn fool.
I force my smile.


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11059361_806958239411036_8729501647049134980_nMother of Two Boys…
My husband and I have been married for 17 years and are blessed with two amazing young men. They are 10 and 12 right now, and both are on very different parts of the autism spectrum. I’ve learned so much being their mom and I feel pretty lucky to have become part of a community of loving, understanding people.

If you’d like to meet my oldest son, watch Big Bang Theory and shake hands with Sheldon. Those two are so similar, straight down to the fake laugh when they recognize something is funny.

My youngest cannot be explained. He’s more of an experience, and a joyful one at that.

Romance Novelist…
I’ve always loved to write. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, also a host of personal projects. Then in December of 2012 I was reading on my first Kindle, gobbling up romances left and right. That’s when I fell in love with Ethan Blackstone, by the way.

I was inspired to sit down and write. Less than one year later I’ve published three books, written another and its sequel novella, and started on two more. Another series popped into my head, as well. Now as of August of 2014, I’m on the verge of publishing book six, with at least five started or specifically planned. Since I’m sure I won’t update this bio for a long time, you’ll have to rely on my Facebook updates to know what’s going on with Kemmie Michaels romances. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for releases, covers, sales, and other news.

…and I LOVE coffee.







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