Me Without You (Willowhaven Book 2) by Mindy Hayes

me without you


~ Synopsis ~

Since her father’s abandonment eight years ago, Alix Fink has done everything in her power to keep her family’s affairs private. She’s as closed off as they come, but Aiden Ballard wants to remedy that. Though it’s been a losing battle, Aiden has been desperate to win Alix’s heart for years.

Everyone knows Aiden Ballard’s parent’s lives were lost in a fatal car accident when he was sixteen, but only Aiden knows what really happened that fateful night; something he’s been desperate to hide from everyone for the last nine years—especially from Alix.

In the small town of Willowhaven, secrets have a way of revealing themselves. Alix and Aiden couldn’t be farther from perfect, but they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. When their secrets rise to the surface, they must overcome them or face a lifetime of loneliness.



~ Review by Jessica ~

After reading Me After You (and mopping up my tears), I couldn’t wait to read Alix and Aiden’s story. I love Alix! She is strong, in your face, and HILARIOUS. Her ‘cussing’ is amazing. “Fetch, fraggle, and sonnova biscuit eater” are some of my favorites. The banter between her and Aiden is great…
Aiden. Oh Aiden, Aiden, Aiden…

“He’s like vivid paint on a canvas. The bright blue of his irises, the short yellow strands of his hair glowing in the sunlight, the black ink swirling down his muscular bicep and forearm. My fingers yearn to paint him.”

If you aren’t interested in this book yet, you are broken.
But this book is much more than snarky girls and hot boys (I know, I know… there’s MORE??). It is a highly emotional read about a tough girl brought to her knees by her mother’s illness. I’ve never personally dealt with Alzheimer’s, but after reading this book I almost feel as if I have. Mindy’s portrayal of this horrible disease is intense and very moving. The scenes with Alix’s mother had me weeping every time.

“If the woman who brought me into this world didn’t recognize me, did I even exist? Was I dreaming? No, I knew it wasn’t a dream because dreams were a pleasant haze. This was a vivid nightmare that never stopped.”

Are you crying yet? No? Are you a robot?
This book has everything- humor, tension, pain, growth, trust, hope, love, and tears, tears, tears. I would definitely recommend you read it. Like, yesterday.

5 books

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~ About the Author ~


Mindy is the author of the YA Fantasy Faylinn Novels, Kaleidoscope (Faylinn #1), Ember (Faylinn #2), and Luminary (Faylinn #3), as well as the Contemporary Romance Willowhaven Series, Me After You (Willowhaven #1) and Me Without You (Willowhaven #2). Currently, she’s working on the Coming of Age Romance, The Day That Saved Us.

She grew up in San Diego, California exploring her interest for singing and playing the piano. Mindy first discovered her passion for reading when she had to make her first flight alone to South Carolina to visit her, then, fiancé. Her love for writing followed shortly after. Mindy and her husband have now been married for seven years and live in Summerville, South Carolina.


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