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Killer Getaway


Title: Killer Getaway

Author: Amy Korman

Series: A Killer Wasps Mystery

Book in Series: Second

Genre: Mystery/Detective /Women Sleuths

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Publisher: Witness Impulse an imprint HarperCollins


ISBN: 9780062357885

List Price: 1.99 USD

~ Synopsis ~

With a storm brewing in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, the Killer WASPs head south to Palm Beach, Florida. And what could be better than fabulous friends, Lilly Pulitzer beachwear, frozen cocktails, and high-society drama?

Kristin Clark and her basset hound, Waffles, are ready to escape the doldrums of winter to bask in the warm Florida sun and dine at her friends’ new restaurant, Vicino. But when a rival restaurant undergoes an HGTV makeover and attempts to steal Vicino’s spotlight and its patrons, the town is abuzz with gossip, and Kristin and her friends—Bootsie, a nosy reporter; Holly, a chicken nugget heiress; and Sophie, the soon-to-be ex-wife of a mobster—have parties to attend.

Everything is going swimmingly in the glitz and glamour of Palm Beach until a bad batch of clams threatens to shut down Vicino and their vacation for good. When it becomes clear that the clams may be more than an innocent mishap, the ladies must unravel the mystery before there are deadly consequences.

Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series!


 ~ Excerpt ~

“Champagne?” asked a handsome, dark-haired waiter as a jazzy bossa nova percolated through Vicino, Magnolia Beach’s newest and hottest restaurant, at 8:30 on a jasmine-scented Florida night.

“Abso-freakin’-lutely!” shrieked Sophie Shields, a tiny blond woman in purple Versace seated to my right on Vicino’s corner banquette. She held her glass up for the young waiter to top up her Moët.

“Ever since we got to Florida three weeks ago, it’s been nothing but champagne and moonlit nights,” Sophie told me. “This place is so darn romantic, it just puts me in the mood to get some lovin’!”

Well-dressed couples had turned to gaze askance at our table of five. The word “Abso-freakin’-lutely” isn’t screamed regularly at Magnolia Beach restaurants, a South Florida enclave where many of the patrons are over seventy and are clad exclusively in Ralph Lauren outfits 24/7.

“And we eat here at Vicino pretty much every night, where—and this is sort of a secret—I own forty-five percent of the restaurant!” added Sophie.

“I don’t think it’s a secret anymore,” observed Joe Delafield, my friend of more than fifteen years. He was seated to Sophie’s right, her hand possessively clutching his blue-blazer-clad arm. “You’ve announced that you’re the co-owner of Vicino at every party and every store we’ve entered since we set foot on this island,” Joe told his girlfriend.

Sophie, the estranged wife of a former mafia-connected real estate developer, and Joe, a preppy thirty-something interior designer, have been dating for seven months. They’re complete opposites, but they seem happy together, much to everyone’s shock, including Joe’s.

“Yeah, I started out as a silent partner, but it turns out I don’t really do silent,” Sophie noted, shrugging.

Holly Jones and Bootsie McElvoy, the remaining members of our party, merely rolled their eyes. Holly and Bootsie went to high school with me in our hometown outside Philadelphia, where in January the weather is slushy, sludgy, gray, and freezing. Holly, who possesses virtually unlimited funds, had decided on New Year’s Day that she was relocating to Magnolia Beach to wait out the rest of winter, and Sophie and Joe had followed suit.

Since my own funds are limited—in fact, I barely scrape by at The Striped Awning, the antiques store I run in our village of Bryn Mawr—Bootsie and I were staying with Holly at a house she’d rented. Picture tall palm trees around a pool, a vast living room that opens out to said pool, and white linen sofas everywhere, and you get the idea of the place.

“Can I get a margarita, Patron, extra salt, please?” Bootsie asked our waiter, who was busily uncorking the next bottle of bubbly. “And a double order of the grilled shrimp? And two of the wood-fired pizzas? And …” Bootsie consulted the left side of the menu. “Actually, let’s have all the appetizers. The oysters, the figs in prosciutto, the scallops, the crab risotto. Just keep them coming.”

Bootsie, who’s six feet tall and plays a lot of tennis, can eat like an NFL player.

“Ya got a good appetite!” said Sophie admiringly to Bootsie.

“Seventeen hours in a car can make you a little hungry,” Bootsie told her, while I swigged some champagne, shuddering at her words. I’d spent all seventeen of those hours today with Bootsie in her black Range Rover as she’d sped down I-95 from Philly toward this tropical paradise. It had been a white-knuckler, with Bootsie speeding, honking, and cutting off 18-wheelers during her stint as driver, then yelling at me to go faster when I’d taken the wheel in South Carolina.

Truth be told, and I say this with all due affection for Bootsie, who’s a good person and loyal in her own interfering, nosy way, I’ve envisioned permanently ending our friendship—and possibly ending Bootsie’s life—several times since we left Pennsylvania in the predawn hours.

Just then, though, the grilled shrimp arrived, and they were so delicious that I thought maybe the trip had been worth it. A breeze through the restaurant’s open French doors wafted the fragrance of camellias our way, and my mood skyrocketed.

“Thank you so much, Holly, for convincing us to come down here! This is perfection.”

Holly and Joe exchanged a meaningful glance, and a tingle portending bad news crept down my spine.

“Perfection might be slightly overstating how things are going on this little boondoggle,” Joe told me.

“There is one small detail I left out,” Holly said, “about what’s been going on since we got to Magnolia Beach.”

“Small detail?” said Joe skeptically. “You mean the part when you were almost murdered on Tuesday?”


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~ Question & Answer session ~

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ye, I’m a former magazine writer who’s always loved mysteries, starting with Nancy Drew, then the Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler classics! I also love fun reads such as the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and Miss Julia books by Ann B. Ross, and the Mitford books by Jan Karon. I live outside of Philadelphia and love to travel with my wonderful husband to anywhere warm and sunny. I love to garden, cook (not all that well!), spend time with my family, go to Kenny Chesney concerts, and head to the movies—we have a great theater near our house,  a restored 1920s movie house that shows independent movies such as Chef and Begin Again. (Of course, I also love chick flicks like The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz.) My favorite part of the day is a walk with our beloved Basset hound, Murphy, and on a rainy Saturday, there’s nothing better than wandering around the aisles of our local library thinking of what inspired the thousands of writers whose books are there.

  • Can you tell us about your book Killer WASPs, and what influenced you to write this specific story.

Killer WASPs is a modern-day take on the small-town, country-house style Agatha Christie mystery, with a younger main character:  antiques dealer named Kristin Clark. Kristin isn’t exactly Miss Marple: She’s in her early 30s and single, and she’s not exactly an experienced detective, so when she stumbles on the victim of a head-bashing-in incident, she’s assisted in solving the crime by her three best friends since high school.

Bootsie is her nosy reporter friend, who asks all the questions everyone else is afraid to ask, and isn’t afraid to ransack people’s medicine chests and desk drawers. Holly is an heiress who’s having marriage problems and is a bit self-centered, but is always ready to lend a fabulous pair of shoes, and Joe is a decorator who’s often in people’s houses where he can’t help but overhear gossip. Together, the four of them can “interview” everyone in their town of Bryn Mawr, which is a fictionalized version of the town. In the book, it’s a tiny, idyllic village where everyone knows each other, much like St. Mary Mead and other English villages that Agatha Christie conjured up.

  • What would Kristin Clark think of author Amy Korman?

Kristin and Amy are both obsessed by their basset hounds, so Kristin would approve! Kristin is more adventurous and fun, and is in a phase of life where she’s always able to go to a party to find out more to solve the crime. Both are more enthusiastic than skilled at cooking, and Kristin mostly just heats up Progresso Soup. They both have a lot to learn in the kitchen!

  • How did you choose the genre you write in or did it choose you?

It definitely chose me. I always go right to the mystery section in any bookstore, real or online, and that’s my favorite corner in the library.

  • Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I start with an outline, which is a big help. Then things can surprise me along the way, especially if Bootsie starts taking over the action!

  • If you could describe your book in 3 words what would they be?

Sunny, upbeat crime-lite.

  • Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

I’d name Agatha Christie’s classics like The Body in the Library and The Mystery of the Blue Train. Poirot is at his most charming and ingenious in the Blue Train, and it’s set in the South of France, which is a perfect Poirot getaway! P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster books are also incredible.

  • You’ve been given the task to host a last minute dinner party. Which authors are on your ultimate dinner invitation list? Alive or Dead.

Sophie Kinsella who writes the Shopaholic series would be a great guest. Candace Bushnell and Plum Sykes would be such cool company, and also Paul Rudnick and Joe Keenan. I’d love to meet Donna Leon who writes incredible mysteries set in Venice, and Carl Hiassen, who’s so cool, funny, and inventive. Dave Barry would be hilarious. If the amazing cookbook authors Giada Di Laurentiis and Mario Batali came, they’d definitely up the ante on the food, and have great experiences to share from their tv and restaurant gigs. I’d also have my friend Larry Platt who writes about sports, and is super funny. And Gillian Flynn—her books are brilliant!


~ About the Author ~


Amy Korman is a former senior editor and staff writer for Philadelphia Magazine, and author of Frommer’s Philadelphia and the Amish Country. She has written for Town & Country, House Beautiful, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family and their basset hound, Murphy.



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