Blossom (A Bloom novella) by Cathy Jackson

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~ Synopsis ~

We had come so far from when we first met. She would shy away from me, from my touch. Her husband, Charles, both mentally and physically abused her.

With his death, Phoenix could finally heal and start blooming. I try not to show the hurt I feel when she sees Charles when she looks at me. I am her husband now and the care and devotion I have for her will win her to me.

I hope…



~ Review by Laura ~

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Phoenix Halyn endured a lot of abuse at the hands of her husband Charles. One day she met John Westerling. John was a gentle man who showed Phoenix kindness. After the death of her husband, Phoenix and John began a friendship which developed into something more. John showed her true love and was good to her. Phoenix loved Anna, John’s daughter from another marriage. Phoenix felt happy but was still dealing with her own demons. They got married and spent their honeymoon at a nice resort. Phoenix was nervous about consummating the marriage. All she had ever known was pain and fear when it came time to be intimate. John was very patient with Phoenix though and soon they worked through all her demons and fears. She found strength through prayer and the Lord. Phoenix had been through a lot but she found John and along with his love and faith, she began to heal.

I am a big fan of having faith, overcoming odds, and happily ever afters. This story has all of the above. The overwhelming emotions the author put into the book was definitely felt by me. There were some parts in the book that had me in tears. Some were tears of sadness and some were tears of happiness. I read the first book and enjoyed it immensely. I was looking forward to this one and Cathy Jackson didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed this one as well. It gave me the feels. I give this 5 books!










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