Blog Tour with Giveaway & Review – Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC, book 1) by Emily Minton

Title: Beautiful Outlaw
Series: Savage Outlaws MC #1
Author: Emily Minton
Genre: Adult, MC Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2014
After the last fourteen years of surviving as a walking, talking, living doll, Laura feels dead inside.
She has sacrificed everything for her family, marrying a man she could never love. Her husband doesn’t beat her, doesn’t berate her. He transforms her, forcing her to live as a stand-in for his long dead wife. She stays silent as piece after piece of herself disappears, willing to do anything to protect the people she loves.
When his demands go too far, she finally tells her brother the ugly truth.
Wanting to protect her without putting the rest of their family at risk, he sends her to the one place he knows she’ll be safe. He places her into the hands of his best friend, Vice President of the Savage Outlaws MC.
Once again, she is transformed into someone new; Shay.
Bowie has spent many nights dreaming about his best friend’s little sister. The reality is so much sweeter than his dreams. He wants to be more for Shay, needs to protect her, but he’s not sure if he knows how.
Can an Outlaw show her how beautiful life should be?

Review by Denise

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
This is the first time for me to read anything written by this author even though a couple of her novels are on my tbr pile(mountain). I do not often get the opportunity or time to read many novels that feature biker clubs in them but since I do watch a certain show and also had a sister that her ole man was one. Having some knowledge then and not completely in the dark on this world, I looked forward to entering the world in which this author had brought to life. Her prologue is one that will grab you right away giving you clear insight on the leading lady-Laura. She is married in a loveless marriage to o someone on his own reality that is not anyone else’s, which in turn makes for her life a hell in a handbasket. Things and lengths that some will go to save the one’s they love is demonstrated here also. Fast forward then to her dilemma, she needs to escape for her own sanity from this crazy train marriage so she turns to her brother Jeremy that no longer knows her. He is also a cop that for the most part what he is about to hear still will kinda blow him away. So he calls in a favor from long time friend and buddy, Bowie. Going way back he knows he can trust him to take care of his sister with his life especially when things are going to go down real fast to create their own deception to keep her safe from unhinged husband of hers. Talk about already exciting pace that keeps you going forth speeding to the next page. Name will be changed to go with the new life too but her protector is no stranger to her really having heard about her back in the day and seen pictures that played with his mind. Enter she does a life so opposite than what she had she embraces it fully though. Freedom that you have not tasted in a long while can give that kind of courage and this author takes you there. In fact the every day life in a club is done quite well with the things and events with the characters living it that you almost forget time for a minute while reading. She is also able to combine intrigue with danger that gives it that extra bite while reading. When Shay (Laura) lives her new life she also connects and lives it with Bowie also. They will be able to also rev each others engines quite nicely with Shay finally experiencing what a real man is capable of with the effects and feelings a woman receives. It will continue to be a fast hard ride with a climax for all that is really would of left a reader upset if it happened any other way. She also wove quite the array of colorful characters to lend the story the read it turned out to be. I gave Beautiful Outlaw 5 books.
USA Today Best Selling Author, Emily Minton is a Kentucky native. She claims she bleeds blue–Wildcat Blue! Emily loves to read, and this love of the written word led to her writing career.

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