#BookBlogWriMo – It’s not really cheating, is it??


Today’s #BookBlogWriMo post

  • 11/26 – Cheating on Books: TV & Movies – What are your favorite ways to cheat on books?

I don’t consider watching movies or television cheating on books. I mean, we all need a break from reading, especially if you have a book hangover. Plus, if there is a series that you love and they have made a movie out of it, then you HAVE to go see it, right? I mean, could you read Hunger Games and then NOT go see the movies?? Blasphemy!! 

I would like to discuss the ongoing dispute and debate that is going on between me and my BFF. I say that you have to read the book first before you see the movie, otherwise, why would you want to read the book because you already know what happens? And, I feel like I would visualize the people in the movie and the sets in the movie instead of making up my own in my head. That’s one of my favorite things about reading is the escape to a new place with new people. 

My BFF says she has to see the movie first and then read the book because all she does is critique the movie. She got seriously pissed off after she read Jurassic Park and they changed a shit ton of stuff for the movie. She decided she would see the movie first and then read the book. I say NAY!! I enjoy reading the book and then going to see how they transformed the book into a movie. I know I’m going to be disappointed with the movie already so I just go to see it for entertainment purposes. It doesn’t really upset me that much if they change it because I don’t have to watch it again. I can always just pick up the book and read it instead. 

What do you say to this debate? What side are you on? Movie first, then book or the RIGHT way, Book First and then movie? 



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