#BookBlogWriMo – #FBF – Seriously??


Today’s post is about what the blog looked like way back when it was started. It has definitely changed a lot over the years. Here is a screenshot of a post from April 2013.

way back machine


Obviously it wasn’t the prettiest thing around, but hey, I was a newbie. Deciding what you want your blog to look like is a very hard thing to do. There are so many choices in blog templates and some of them cost a holy fortune. I don’t just use the free ones. I actually have paid for a couple of the templates that I have used. 

I want my blog to be different from the others that I have seen. I want the layout to be straightforward yet aesthetically pleasing. I don’t want things to be all jumbled up and I don’t want too much information on the page. I thought about having ads on my site, but I actually like not having them. I know I could make extra money but sometimes those damn things are so annoying. I’m sure that I will be changing the design again, most likely multiple times, however, I am happy with the design that I have now. 



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