#BookBlogWriMo – OH NO! I’m doing a #TBT post!!


I assure you that the world has not ended. I am doing a TBT post because of #BookBlogWriMo because it’s about BOOKS I READ WHEN I WAS A KID!! I have some books that I absolutely loved when I was a kid that I want to talk about because they were AWESOME!! 

First we have SWEET PICKLES!! 

sweet pickles


I absolutely love this series. We had every single book and I loved Very Worried Walrus and Zip Goes Zebra. I thought the Vulture was a butthead and Stork was a jerk. I read these so much when I was younger. I actually loved these so much that I just spent $150 on purchasing the whole set from ebay. I had to. I couldn’t let my kids live without experiencing these awesome books. 

Second favorite book was Where is Your Baby, Brother Becky Bunting? 



I loved this book so much! This one is about a little girl who trades her baby brother for a bicycle. It’s so funny and I love the illustrations. I definitely connected with Becky because I had a younger brother too. And they can be annoying! 


And who could forget the Monster at the End of This Book!! 



This book was so funny and I love Grover so much. I read this one with my kids and I do the Grover voice because it’s so much fun! They love it as much as I do. 

And who didn’t have The Berenstein Bears or Richard Scarry books??


richard scarry book

The Richard Scarry books are so cool because of how much info there is on the pages. It was so much fun when reading it looking for all of the things on the page and finding all of the hidden animals and such. 

Shel Silverstein!!!! A Light In The Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends are iconic!! 

light in the attic



I am trying to introduce my children to all of these phenomenal timeless books. I mean, I read them and look how awesome I turned out!! 



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