#BookBlogWriMo – I do it in my……


…..Living room, usually in my recliner. When my health is not so good, then I take the laptop to bed. 


And I generally have some kind of animal sitting in the recliner with me or on me. 




I sit in my recliner and “work” on the computer for anywhere from 4-6 hours at the end of the day after the kids have gone to bed. I do things on my Facebook page throughout the day, but I pretty much only do stuff on the blog at night. Sometimes, I am proactive, and actually post something several days before it’s due to be posted!! Generally I do it the night before it’s supposed to be posted. I procrastinate a lot. And, if I have a review that I am doing (not my other gals), I need to stew on the book for a little bit in order to write my review. I can’t just jump into it and write the review immediately. Sometimes I need to take time and mull it over and figure out what I want to say and to see how it affected me. 

And my favorite thing to do when sitting in the recliner or in bed working on the computer, is to partake of some dairy goodness that is Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream. HEAVEN!!

20141005_212708 (1)

I LOVE the koozies that I get from authors at the book events. They are great for keeping my hands from freezing while I eat my ice cream. They are a perfect fit!! My husband thought they were to keep my ice cream frozen. I’m like, uh no, it doesn’t have time to melt. These are for my hands! 

It is sometimes difficult to get the blogging done and the other stuff I have to do when I am in the living room with the rest of the family. I get distracted by the kids or the tv or I have to get up and then this happens:


I will be gone from the room for 60 seconds and she’s in my spot!! How rude!!

There are days that I don’t feel like blogging; that I don’t feel like being productive or formatting posts so they look perfect and what not. But, I don’t want to let anyone down so I forge on. Did you know that it’s only me running the blog? Well, it is. The other gals do the reviews and Courtney helps with the emails, but as far as the blog goes, it is 100% me. I am very anal about my posts and the way they look. I have to have them set up a certain way. I have put it out there a couple times that if someone wants to help they can. However, I am hoping no one wants to do it because I really want everything to be exactly the same. I know it’s probably lame, but I hate when I go to a blog and I can’t make sense of a post because it wasn’t formatted properly or you don’t know how to find anything. I do my posts the exact same:

  • Tour Banner (if they provide one)

  • Book Cover

  • Synopsis

  • Add to Goodreads

  • Excerpt (if provided)

  • Book Trailer/Playlist/Dream Cast, etc (if provided)

  • Review (if reviewing)

  • Purchase Links

  • About the Author

  • Author Links

  • Giveaway (if there is one)

Other people put the reviews first. I think it’s better to make you see the whole thing and get you interested in the book and then give you the review. It’s kind of like throwing out the bait and then reeling the reader in. At least, that’s what I hope I am doing. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books. I can’t wait to share these with you!! 


One response to “#BookBlogWriMo – I do it in my……

  1. Depending on the post, mine are also formatted in the same way every single time. I am kind of OCD about that – as you can see from my BookBlogWriMo post! I can’t help it. I like everything too look uniformed and easy to read and things.

    I tend to do most of my blogging on the couch or in my bed! I have my trusty laptop table and my side tables that I can clutter with blogger mess! 🙂

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