#BookBlogWriMo – You want to know what??


Today I am supposed to write about where I read. I kind of did that yesterday on my post but today I can embellish on that a bit. 

This is where I read……


…In my dreams!! This is actually more of what it looks like when I am reading. Or should I say trying to read?


Or sometimes I get this when I go to my reading spot….


(She’s looking at me like “You really think I’m going to get up??”)

I have seen some amazing pictures on the interwebz of different reading nooks and there are quite a few I wish I had. I can’t do some of them though because I would be distracted by other things.

book spotreading-corner-12feeb2cb0e9835fa92196f863545bdd15eabd4b9fcefdb7bbe8503163757a1fd

If you want to check out more book nooks, I found a great Pinterest page. 



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