Blog Tour with Review – Carpe Noctem (Sanguis City, book 2) by Morgan Jane Mitchell



~ Synopsis ~

It’s no fun being an unlicensed bleeder in the city of blood, especially one who happens to be the better half of a vampire god.

Trouble follows Noir as she escapes the vampire culture into The Fringe, where the most rebellious humans dwell. Well, at least she thought – other creatures of the night and day call the fringe home too. Among them, she might just find the witch to make her one wish come true, if he does not find her first.

Being juiced used to be her biggest fear until she finds out the alternative. Mandatory service sounds a lot like slavery to Noir. Good thing her sexy captor has a bigger problem, they all do… With the city on lockdown, trying to flush out the designers of the latest zombie virus, talk of a rebellion puts everyone on edge. The bleeders get caught in the middle, enforcing curfews and sanctions to punish all humans. Noir may be busy fighting her own battles with the men in her life but she can’t ignore her place in the upcoming conflict for long.

Even if she is more like a vampire than she ever thought, Noir tries to resist giving into the most basic of her desires as she struggles to free the man she truly loves. With demons reappearing, friends changing and her world crumbling down around her – how does someone who can not die cope? Is she a pawn in a more sinister plot or the key to saving the city? What will happen when Noir decides to seize the night?


~ Review by Angela ~

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Before I read this book, I read the first one and the novella that gives some background to Noir and her circumstances. This vampire book is completely different from other vampire books because the vampires rule the major cities. They have people that work for them called breeders who are a little more than human but not quite vampires. There are also humans that live in the cities, but they are there for food for the vampires. There are zombies but they aren’t the usual ones. They are basically infected humans whose bodies are falling apart. They can bite you and infect you. Noir is an undocumented living in the city trying to make sense of her life and her heart.

This book and series is just ok to me. I got really tired of Noir basically professing her love to one person and then turning around and having sex with someone else and having “feelings” for another one. This isn’t a love triangle situation. This is an insecure, horny, indecisive girl that is using everyone to get her something. She professes her love to Crow for eternity. Then, she kind of likes Tombs right after she meets him. Then, she starts having a relationship with Aubrey and tells him she loves him. Next, she’s sleeping in Sander’s bed and having sex with him while she’s thinking about Aubrey and Crow. And then, there is Quixon who she starts out hating and next starts having feelings for him and might want more with him. None of the others know about the other men or that she is lying to them. The rest of the story is good and interesting so I will probably get the next book just to see how it turns out. I give this book 3.5 books.






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~ About the Author ~


Morgan Jane Mitchell is an American author who spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Her new series, Sanguis City, is a hot paranormal romance with an urban fantasy edge.

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