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Title: Living Chances

Series: Unexpected, Book 3

Author: S.L. Schiefer

Release Date: September 2, 2014

Genre: New Adult


After the birth of her son, Annie should have been on cloud nine. But, news that Jayden had been drugged and had a seizure rocked her happiness. She’s torn between not wanting to miss a single moment with her son and spending time with Jayden in ICU.

Jonah is helping Annie take care of Josh while his brother is in the hospital. He’s so overwhelmed with things going on in his life, things he doesn’t want anyone to know. But, Annie is getting more and more suspicious of his vagueness of his love life. All he can hope for is to keep it quiet until things with Jayden are better.

Jayden was out enjoying a night with his friends when the unthinkable happened to him. After Jonah finding him, he doesn’t remember anything. He can hear voices throughout his mind, but only one sticks out. He’s fighting like hell to get back to that voice.

When Jayden wakes up, will him and Annie be able to work towards their happily ever after? Or will things fall apart like they always do for Annie?

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I make it to the bed, get turned around, and plop backwards. Once I’m settled, I hold my arms out towards Annie. She gets up and places him in my arms. I’ve not held very many babies, but it’s like I knew what to do. He felt so right in my arms. It’s like having him there finally makes something click together for me. In this moment, I know that I am supposed to be here, with my son in my arms and my family surrounding me.

No one is talking. They are giving me time to soak this all up.

He is fast asleep, without a care in the world. His head is full of thick dark brown hair that’s sticking up in every direction. I pick up his tiny little hand, wedge one finger into his grasp and he automatically clenches around my finger. There is no other feeling in the world that will ever compare to this moment. I never knew my heart could hold so much love for one person.

This is my son. This is my flesh and blood. This little boy needs me. I put him up on my shoulder and hold him to me. I break down sobbing in front of everyone. It has been years since I’ve broken down like this. I cry because no matter what I do, I always fuck something up. There is no more time for me to get my shit together. This is it. I savor the feeling of him on my shoulder, not even caring his dad is crying.

Review by Denise

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Since I have read the first two novels with the last one leaving me hanging with my fingers hurting-this author has taken pity on us readers and given us a finish to this story of Jayden and Annie. This is a romance that had some ups and downs that was filled with inbetween twists and turns. This author gave what is similar to life realistic which makes for reading like it is a magnet that you become stuck too. Not to take away though from the other characters in the story especially Jayden’s brother-Jonah because without him they might not of ever found each other so soon but then fate can be funny that way. Opens up with a prologue that will give you a glimpse in Annie’s frame of mind while she is sitting with Jayden. Then there is now their little bundle of joy but will all this be enough to bring Jayden out of the fog he has slipped into? The voice of a loved one can have strong pull that is for sure and if not for the love of his Annie and family I do not think Jayden would stand much of a chance because of the event that can really mess with some people dangerously even that does not always have good outcomes. Consequences will be dealt with to the girl who thought she would have some fun just out of sick jealously I suppose. Flow along with Annie and also Jonah as the road to recovery happens. Jonah though thought he was slick with holding a secret close to his chest that haha was only him in the secret. The love of a family will accept you for who you are as demonstrated in this novel. So nice to see the display depicted of the joy of a father with his newborn son. This author wraps this story up very nicely with it ending just right. Delightful surprise that Jayden springs on Annie at the end that shows romance is indeed alive and well. I give Living Chances 4 books.










About the Author

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. I am the biggest Ohio State fan EVER! I have a husband, two boys, and a pit bull. I’m a country girl at heart, and have no problem sitting outside by a fire or grabbing guns and target shooting. I’m a hairstylist and assistant manager at SportClips. In my down time you’ll generally find me relaxing with my Kindle, or trying to entertain my minions. I’m a lover of Harry Potter and Transformers.

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Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon AU



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