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Hailey has been taken.

She was alive and had a dragon boyfriend with a shiny new body. Life was fantastic. Or it was until she was drugged and pulled right off the street. Hailey finds herself no match for the supernatural world. Will Dak come after her or did their latest battle of arrogance verses stubbornness ruin her chances of rescue?

Dacea has two Mates.

Word of his return was making its way through the dragon world and all the way to his runaway Mate. After hundreds of years of searching and wondering, Katherine was back and making herself at home. Dacea is stretched thin as he looks for Hailey and attempts to keep Katherine from moving in.

Silas has a secret.

His mind is set and he’ll tear through whatever gets in his way. With a little more research he hopes to have his suspicions confirmed. And when they are, his discovery will change everything.

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His words trailed off when he heard the front door open and close. For a fleeting moment he had thought it might be Hailey. Dacea pushed off the counter and began to walk towards the entryway. Heels clicked on the hardwood floor. The thoughts of her dropped instantly from his mind. Hailey rarely wore anything that clicked.

He wondered who was in his house uninvited and unannounced. The clicking entered the hallway. No one, not even his security was to bother him at the moment. Dacea racked his brain trying to recall if he had forgotten about an appointment of any kind.

“Dacea?” a feminine voice called from the hallway. It stopped him in his tracks. The voice was one from his past, one that was long dead to him. It was the very last voice he had wanted to hear, especially now.

“Who’s that?” Lia stepped beside him, her blue eyes full of instant distrust. “Dacea? You ok there?” She nudged him but he kept his eyes trained on the hallway. The clicking of heels became louder as the woman traveled across the hardwood floor. His brow wrinkled further in confusion. She couldn’t be here. Not after all this time. Not now with Hailey gone. Not now.

Katherine turned the corner, her face beamed with delight. “There you are! I was beginning to think you were hiding from me.” She dropped her Louis Vuitton bag on the kitchen counter as if she had done it a million times before. “Are you going to just stand there,” she flashed her come fuck me eyes, “or say hello to me like a Mate should?”

“Excuse me?” Lia pushed in front of him, which was fine because he still couldn’t find his voice. Dacea knew his jaw was hanging open, “collecting flies,” as his grandmother would have said.

“And who are you?” Katherine looked at Lia like she was a smudge of dirt on her shoes.

“Greek-Motherfucking-Goddess, and you?”

His former Mate looked disgusted. “Oh. You’re one of those.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Lia turned back toward Dacea. “Who the fuck is she? Don’t you lie to me Dacea, or so help me I will go Hades on your ass.”

“She’s a harpy,” he choked out, “and my former Mate.” Disbelief muddled with revulsion in Lia’s eyes.

“You mated that?” she said still pointing.

“Katherine is my old fiancée you might say. However, I haven’t seen her in centuries.” He added, “Hailey knows,” when Lia didn’t say anything.

“Miss me?” Katherine injected and both Dacea and Lia looked over to her. She had only grown in beauty since he had last seen her. Her flawlessly smooth skin was naturally sun kissed with a golden hue. Legs ran on for miles with her thigh high stiletto boots that stopped a few inches before her flaming red dress began. She was his adolescent wet dream come to life, again.

“What are you doing here Katherine?” His voice was gaining back some of its shaken confidence. Not many had the power to do that.

“Oh, I lost track of time.” She waved away her comment like she had only spent and extra hour shopping. “I was traveling through South America and the next thing I know I hear you are dead and then alive again. Well, I just had to come see for myself.”

“Hundreds of years have passed,” he said through clenched teeth. “Hundreds.”

“Really? Oh, well oops,” she giggled. Lia gagged beside him. Dacea really was at a loss as how to handle this. His mind had shut down the moment she walked into the house. She must have sensed his uncertainty and took advantage. She walked over toward him, and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I missed you,” she said in a whisper. Her scent was the same as it had been. It took him back to years before as they lay naked in the forest after just having sex. Their scents hung heavy in the air as they had cuddled and talked.

Katherine moved in another inch and kissed him. He stood as a statue, never moving to touch her or respond to her seduction. She wound her fingers into the hair at the nape of his head and pulled her body flush against his. She moaned loudly in an attempt to put on a show.

Dacea heard Lia say, “security,” in amongst the noises of pleasure Katherine had been sounding off. He felt cold with her smothered against him. She didn’t have the same presence as Hailey, who radiated warmth. Dacea reached behind him and pried her fingers out of his hair. He took a step back, cutting all contact with her.

“No, Katherine. I have found my Mate, my true Mate. This,” he motioned between them, “won’t ever happen. You need to leave now.”

She pouted. “Dacea, you seriously can’t-“

“I am,” he interrupted and stepped back a few more paces to separate himself from Katherine. “I am dead serious about Hailey. I’ll have my driver take you wherever you want to go, but you are leaving. Now.”

The aforementioned driver stepped from the hallway. “Ma’am, if you would just follow me.” With a hand hovering at her lower back the driver ushered her out of the kitchen. She only put up a minor struggle until the driver gripped her elbow and pulled her toward the door. “I’ll call you!” she yelled before the front door closed.

He exhaled a breath. His hands splayed across the kitchen counter, his shoulders tight, and head hung low. What the hell just happened? he asked himself.

“You don’t deserve her,” Lia stated still disgusted.

He knew she wasn’t speaking of Katherine. “No, I don’t.”

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Meet the Author

K.C. Stewart lives in central Pennsylvania with her three cats. She is currently attending college online for Library Science while working full time as a photographer. In her spare time, which isn’t easy to find, she reads an obnoxious amount and writes in between everything else. K.C. has a very real addiction to gummy bears and talking to her cats when no one is around.

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