Out There by Sarah Stark

out there


~ Synopsis ~

The new Magical Realism Bestseller on Amazon.com!

A heart-warming journey of self-discovery and healing–now available for the Kindle Reader!

Here’s what critics are saying about Out There by Sarah Stark:

“…poetic…” “…life-affirming…” “… a deep and mystical experience…” “…almost haunting…” “…a glowing road trip of magical realism…” “5 Stars!”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review: In this lyrical, evocative novel, Stark summons the possibility of salvation in tragedy. Iraq war veteran Jefferson Long Soldier returns home with a wounded soul and a copy of Gabriel García Márquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, which he carried with him through combat and credits for saving his life. But when neither family nor a psychologist can help ease his transition to civilian life, Jefferson journeys by motorbike across Mexico in search of salvation and the reclusive García Márquez. A tribute to magical realism and the transforming power of fiction, Stark’s novel juxtaposes violence and gentleness and merges logic with sensuous atmosphere to question the boundaries of reality. Jefferson’s struggle for peace reveals an existence as fluid and magical as a dream—but with consequences. .

˃˃˃ It’s the book that many are calling the “Catcher in the Rye” for the Iraq/Afghan War generation.

~ Review by Courtney ~

Out There by Sarah Stark is an absolutely beautifully written story.  The reader follows Jefferson Long Soldier, home from Iraq as he attempts to return to a life of normalcy.  Yet, when life outside of war becomes too much, Jefferson sets out on a journey through Mexico in hopes of finding the author of the book he believes saved his life.
Out There, is just what writing should be.  Not my normal read, I found Out There to be writing at its absolute best.  Poetic, descriptive and at times haunting Stark gives the reader so much with her use of words, symbolism and detail.  The beginning of the story starts out slow and the writing style was an adjustment for me personally.  At times it is quick paced and the back and forth between past and present did get confusing for a second, but it never ever took away from the story and I was able to catch on very quickly.
I found Jefferson’s journey heartbreaking, yet so inspiring.  Home from Iraq and unable to adjust gives the reader an element of what so many of our men and women face when home from war.  You can’t help but feel completely torn for them.  They not only risk their lives, but so many risk their minds, and return home different people that even doctors push to the side and just write off as another veteran, like in Jefferson’s situation.  His journey to locate Gabriel Garcia Marquez is inspiring.  While on the road there are these moments that Jefferson is faced with, and each one helps in his healing one by one.  Human connection, memories, finding light in the darkest moments, discovering our true selves these moments and situations define us. These instances make us human and in moments like these Jefferson found his healing and it was so beautiful to read both the story and the author’s actual words.
Everything throughout Jefferson’s journey starts to tie together and in these moments Jefferson begins to learn about himself and his ability to heal and find purpose in his life.  It’s the experiences we face in life that make us who were are.  Sarah Stark’s Out There was completely captivating and unforgettable.  I gave Out There 5 out of 5 Books!










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