Blog Tour with Giveaway & Review – Gypsy (The Cavy Files, #1) by Trisha Leigh



Gypsy by Trisha Leigh

(The Cavy Files #1)

Publication date: May 13th 2014

Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

~ Synopsis ~

Inconsequential: not important or significant.
Synonyms: insignificant, unimportant, nonessential, irrelevant

In the world of genetic mutation, Gypsy’s talent of knowing a person’s age of death is considered a failure. Her peers, the other Cavies, have powers that range from curdling a blood still in the vein to being able to overhear a conversation taking place three miles away, but when they’re taken from the sanctuary where they grew up and forced into the real world, Gypsy, with her all-but-invisible gift, is the one with the advantage.

The only one who’s safe, if the world finds out what they can do.

When the Cavies are attacked and inoculated with an unidentified virus, that illusion is shattered. Whatever was attached to the virus causes their abilities to change. Grow. In some cases, to escape their control.

Gypsy dreamed of normal high school, normal friends, a normal life, for years. Instead, the Cavies are sucked under a sea of government intrigue, weaponized genetic mutation, and crushing secrets that will reframe everything they’ve ever been told about how their “talents” came to be in the first place.

When they find out one of their own has been appropriated by the government, mistreated and forced to run dangerous missions, their desire for information becomes a pressing need. With only a series of guesses about their origins, the path to the truth becomes quickly littered with friends, enemies, and in the end, the Cavies ability to trust anyone at all.



~ Review by Angela ~

I absolutely adore Trisha Leigh’s Last Year series. It was one of the first YA books that I read, before I even knew there was a YA genre. I had gotten turned onto her reading by her BFF Denise Grover Swank. There was an excerpt of the the first book, Whispers in Autumn (which is FREE on Amazon!) in the back of one of Denise’s books. It was so good that I immediately had to download it and read it. I had never heard of Trisha and I had no clue that I was reading her first book! It was that good. I devoured that series. I couldn’t wait to get to the next one. You guys are lucky because all of the books are out now and you can read them back to back.

I knew Trisha was coming out with a new series and I was chomping at the bit to get the book. I actually bought the book when it came out in May, but I have been so busy I hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. When I saw there was a tour for it, I knew I had to sign up so I could make time in my schedule and read the book. I was not disappointed at all. I am really mad at myself that I waited so long to read it though. However, the book ends in a cliffhanger and the next book isn’t out yet, so at least I am minimizing the torturous wait for the next one.

This book starts out immediately with action and drama and intrigue within the first chapter. The hooks get sunk in nice and deep early on and don’t release you until the very end. Actually, they are still in me because I can’t stop thinking about Jude (swoon!). I actually told Trisha that I felt sorry for him and wanted to grab him into a big bear hug and have him unwrap me (read the book – you’ll get it). Gypsy is a complex, mysterious character that sometimes you want to strangle and yell at her while reading. Well, at least I did. I understand why she does what she does but it’s still frustrating. It’s like when you yell at the movie screen at the person going down in the basement and they don’t know the killer is there but you do. The other thing that got me about this book was the setting. The story is set in South Carolina and while I lived in North Carolina and didn’t spend a lot of time in South Carolina, the visuals that Trisha painted were stunning. I could actually picture what she was talking about and it made me want to take a trip to Charleston. I really and truly can’t wait to see what happens in the next book and if Jude gets to unwrap his present. Hey Trisha – I volunteer as tribute!!!  And of course, I give this 5 books!!




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~ About the Author ~


risha Leigh is a product of the Midwest, which means it’s pop, not soda, garage sales, not tag sales, and you guys as opposed to y’all. Most of the time. She’s been writing seriously for five years now, and has published 4 young adult novels and 4 new adult novels (under her pen name Lyla Payne). Her favorite things, in no particular order, include: reading, Game of Thrones, Hershey’s kisses, reading, her dogs (Yoda and Jilly), summer, movies,  reading, Jude Law, coffee, and rewatching WB series from the 90’s-00’s.

Her family is made up of farmers and/or almost rock stars from Iowa, people who numerous, loud, full of love, and the kind of people that make the world better. Trisha tries her best to honor them, and the lessons they’ve taught, through characters and stories—made up, of course, but true enough in their way.

Trisha is the author of The Last Year series and the Whitman University books. She’s represented by Kathleen Rushall at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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