Blog Tour with Giveaway & Review – Silent Starsong by T.J. Woolridge

~ Synopsis ~

Eleven-year-old Kyra is meant to continue the Starbard’s proud family legacy of interpreting the future from the stars’ songs. Her deafness, incurable by the best medics, breaks her mother’s heart and pushes her father to explore anything to help his little girl–including the expensive purchase of a telepathic alien servant to help Kyra communicate on a planet inhospitable to unfixable genetic defects. Marne’s telepathy is too weak for his Naratsset culture, so he is sold into slavery and expects to die at the hands of human owners–until he meets a human child who begs her father to “save” him. Her kindness introduces Marne to a new world–one where he would risk his life to save a human from her own people’s abuse and the stars’ songs can touch even a deaf girl and a defective telepath.

When an intergalactic terrorist organization kills Kyra’s father, driving her mother to madness, Kyra and Marne only have each others’ friendship–until even that is threatened by the danger surrounding the Starbard heritage. But can the two friends, not good enough for either of their cultures or families, manage to keep each other safe when several different worlds threaten their lives?

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~ Review by Angela ~

 *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
When I read the synopsis for this book, I was intrigued. I had never read or heard of anything quite like this. Kyra is a brave character and it takes her time to see that she really is brave enough and good enough to protect herself. Marne is a very neat little alien and I really love their relationship dynamic. Kyra and Marne both prove to be good for each other and once they realize that they are supposed to be friends and help each other, then everything will work out smoothly.
At first I was a little disappointed with the length of this book. I was hoping that it would be longer, but then when I remembered that it’s mostly for middle school kids, the length is perfect. I do want to read more about Kyra and her adventures with Marne. I think that this is a great series and even though it is a science fiction/fantasy book, there are some realistic attributes as well. I give Silent Starsong 5 books.










T. J. Wooldridge is a professional writing geek who adores research into myth, folklore, legend, and the English language. Before delving full-time into wordsmithing, she has been a tutor, a teacher, an educational course designer, a video game proofreader, a financial customer service representative, a wine salesperson, a food reviewer, an editing consultant, a retail sales manager, and a nanny. While infrequent, there are times she does occasionally not research, write, or help others write. During those rare moments, she enjoys the following activities: spending time with her Husband-of-Awesome, a silly tabby cat, and two Giant Baby Bunnies in their Massachusetts home hidden in a pocket of woods in the middle of suburbia, reading, riding her horse in the nearby country stables and trails (not very well), reading Tarot (very well), drawing (also not very well), making jewelry (pretty well), making lists, and adding parenthetical commentary during random conversations. She also enjoys dressing up as fey creatures, zombies, or other such nonsense at science fiction, fantasy, and horror conventions.
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