Love, Tink (The Complete Series, Episodes 1-6) by Ellie Strauss


~ Synopsis ~

Tink is hopelessly smitten with Peter, the leader of the lost boys who’d mysteriously arrived at Neverland two years ago. Unfortunately, Peter is tired of the adventure and especially tired of dodging Captain Hook who is after his head. He just wants to go back to New York City and live his life as a normal fifteen-year-old.

Tink is the only one who can help Peter return, but it breaks her heart to do it. She just wants to make him happy, so she does the unthinkable and betrays the fairy king. Now her heart is filled with remorse. Should she go after Peter? Should she follow him to his New York?

Originally published as six separate novella episodes, Love, Tink the complete series is all six stories together in one volume.

~ Review by Angela ~

I had initially been invited by NetGalley to read this in exchange for an honest review. However, I wound up buying the series. I have always loved the story of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and Neverland. I always liked the Disney version of the movie as well as some of the others that had been done. I didn’t care if this book was supposed to be for the YA crowd. I just knew I wanted to read it.

This was a very quick read, despite the multiple episodes. I was really glad that I got them all at once instead of separately (I hate to wait for stuff to be released!). I enjoyed the story of Tinkerbell and her infatuation with Peter Pan. I love how this takes place in modern day New York City so you can get the reaction from Tink when she is faced with things like cars, cell phones, etc. I think it is hilarious when she has to go to high school. There are some twists and turns in this story, too and I pretty much liked everything about the story. I would definitely read more about Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and her other fairy friends. I give this 5 books.


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