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Title: Conclave: A Selection of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Author: Lee Murray, Jan Goldie, Piper Mejia, Celine Murray
Release Date: April 7th 2014
Publisher: Leapy Sheep
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Four science fiction and fantasy novellas for young adults.

At Conclave Manor, land-trapped Mermaid Thala Tellurian struggles to accept her privileged life while battling her self-obsessed Uncle in any petty way she can. Isolated and forbidden to delve into her family’s bloody past, Thala longs for change. So, when visitors from a rival pod reveal a hidden agenda, Thala dives straight in. But it’s not until she’s face to face with her family’s lifelong enemy that she realises she’s in terrifyingly unfamiliar waters.

Rowan knew nothing about the secret in his DNA until he found himself on the Terrean team bound for Conclave Seven, the universal Games held every millennia. But on the eve of the Games, knowing he’s a direct descendant of the warrior Spartacus is looking less like a gift and more like a death sentence…

Born into captivity, Doze has spent his life behind the Fence, so when staying there is no longer an option, he takes a chance to see if another life is possible. An experiment on the loose from ConClave Corporation, Doze helps his travelling companions to avoid capture, and discovers that there is no sacrifice too great for freedom.

On the Conclave Pacifica, a spaceship in a fleet heading to a new world, Peach forges an online friendship with Araxi, who is travelling on another ship. But, wildly off course and under pressure for resources, the future of the Conclave Pacifica looks uncertain. Could Peach’s new friend be the answer to her survival?

~ Review by Venture ~

A Mer-tale  by, Jan Goldie
     Thala believes that her home on the sea is a boring prison called the Conclave.  Most of her family was wiped out due to a horrible species called the Sprats. She only has her Uncle and cousin.  They are Mer-people and this species came and took over their place in the sea.  Luckily they can spend time on both land and sea.  Thala hates being restricted to their home and quick dips in the ocean near their home.  She doesn’t realize that she is about to get a change even if it isn’t one she wants.  She is expected to meet a male from one of surviving pods to see if they might bond.  From this moment everything that she knows is about to change.  I give this story 2.5 books alone.
The Fence  by, Piper Mejia
      The ConClave have people behind the fence for their safety.  Some people volunteer to be the eyes and ears for them.  Some of them just try to survive their day to day lives.  Go to school and work.  When things start changing and people are being evacuated for their safety a group decides to go their own way.  They just want to get over the fence and see what there is to see and be free.  I give this story 2.0 books alone.
Conclave Seven by, Lee Murray
     The games are for all sentient beings fighting to win each challenge placed before them. The opponents are not given a choice if they want to compete.  It is based on DNA and age.  A group of four go in to conquer these challenges and pray they survive.  They have to learn to depend on each other and manage to work together to face each challenge. They will be tested in every way and of course their opponents don’t want them to win. Maybe the underdogs can win for once. Or at least pass the first challenge.  I give this 4.0 books alone.
Peach and Araxi by Aline Murray
     Conclave Pacifica has been flying nearly 260 years searching for a planet since they left Earth.  Generation after generation have been born on the ship and don’t know anything about Earth except what they are taught in history.  Peach, is the daughter of the Navigator, the one that is being trained to take over when they reach their new planet in about 20 years.  Peach like all teenagers is tired of the restrictions that are being placed on her. She makes a new friend on-line.  Araxi and Peach talk about everything.  He has become her best friend but does he have her best interests at heart?  I give this story 4.0 books
The Conclave has a variety of different themes that can capture the imagination.  I think that some of the stories captured my attention more than others.  I think some stories can be told in a short story and some need longer to develop.  I did appreciate the variety.  The Conclave Seven was a great story that reminded me of the Hunger Games and Running Man. I enjoyed it.  Peach and Araxi was also a great story that was everything you need in a short story.  I give the entire book 3.5 books.




L to R: Piper Mejia, Celine Murray, Lee Murray, Jan Goldie
Jan Goldie.
I’m a working writer, creating content for websites, print
media and social media. I have a BA in English literature and a Graduate
Diploma in Journalism. Interestingly, I used very few of these skills in the
creation of A Mer-tale, relying instead on my over-active imagination. When I’m
not slaving over the computer for my day job or imagining myself 30 metres
beneath the waves, I’m writing short stories, picture books and YA fantasy
novels. My most recent claims to fame are the publication of a story in the
crowd-funded collection of short horror fiction Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales
of Terror,
and my YA fantasy novel Brave’s Journey being short listed for the 2014 Storylines Tom
Fitzgibbon Award.

Piper Mejia
a prolific writer, but only recently had her first story, Lockdown, published
in Baby Teeth: Bite-sized tales of Terror. A high school English
teacher, she is co-editor of student writing collections Write Off Line 2012,
2013, Beyond This Age
and Beyond This Story, and is currently
working on a young adult fantasy trilogy in both novel and graphic novel

Celine Murray

is 19 years old and has had her fiction published in
magazines such as WriteOn, Easy Going, and Breeze, and in the horror anthology Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror. She has also published a
solo collection of prize winning fiction entitled Seven to Seventeen

Lee Murray

used to be a scientist, but now she writes fiction for adults and children. Lee
has twice won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for science fiction and fantasy
writing, most notably for Best Youth Novel for her children’s title Battle
of the Birds
, and her short fiction has achieved international recognition.
She is the co-editor of five collected works.

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