Stan by Richard Wold

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~ Synopsis ~

The Devil in Disguise 

Ever since he survived a suicide attempt, New York artist Stan Foster has not been himself. Plagued by amnesia and a head full of visions of death and destruction that fuel his ever-more disturbing work, he claws his way through a life he doesn’t recognize in search of his true identity. What he finds leads him to believe he is Satan, spit out from the bowels of hell to live among the mortal inhabitants of earth. Is he delusional, or is there truth behind this troubling revelation? 

One woman can help him find out. Enter Abigail: lapsed Catholic, lonely city dweller, and psychiatrist with a heart of gold. Meeting Stan makes her question everything she’s believed about faith and humanity for so long, but she must overcome her own troubled background to offer him the redemption he needs—and ultimately wants. 

About the Author 

Richard Wold is a business owner and consultant. He currently lives in Gurnee, Illinois. Stan is his first novel. 

~ Review by Laura ~

Stan Foster attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge in Washington. He opens his eyes to find out he is still alive and has no memory prior to jumping off the bridge. Stan is seeing images in his head that are disturbing and he can’t make sense of it. The images seem to be some sort of hell. He is admitted to a psych ward and there he tries to remember who he is. A psychiatrist named Abigail tries to help him but ends up obsessed with him. Stan has made her questions everything she believed in. Abigail has her own troubled past to overcome if she wants to truly help Stan. Another woman comes into Stan’s life. Her name is Lilith. She helps him to get out into the real world. Stan now has two women helping him, one who has a heart of gold and the other shallow who loves to smoke. Stan finds out he used to be an artist. A very popular one. Stan starts hallucinating and it becomes a battle of good and evil. Which side should he choose?!!

Stan by Richard Wold is an interesting read. At times I found it hard to follow because of the fragmented sentences. This story has mystery, thriller, and romance all in one. There are some choices the author made that I wasn’t a fan of but all in all a good read. I really enjoyed this book and liked how the author ended the story. If you like God vs Satan or good vs evil then you should definitely check this book out. I give this 4 books.


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