Unforeseen Consequences by D.E. Haggerty



Four very different women forged an unlikely friendship while in Basic Training. They thought their friendship was unbreakable but then they discovered a heinous crime was about to be committed. They were compelled to take action but a tragedy occurred nonetheless and thus they are forced to keep their actions a secret. These actions and the secret they must keep destroyed their friendship and so they fled.

Years have passed and the women are surviving but not living. Now the truth is about to come out. What do they do? Do they confess their part and risk jail? Or do they keep quiet and try to keep living with the guilt? Will they rebuild their friendship or will they flee again?

Review by Laura

Amy is a lawyer who just made partner in her firm. She had earned it and she was good at what she did which was corporate law. Her law firm was well respected. Amy felt at most times she didn’t have control of her own life. Her life consisted of work and her phone constantly ringing.

Charlotte “Charlie” is a housewife and stay at home mom. It seemed she was on a schedule. You have to be with twins. Sarah and Beau kept her on her toes. From the time she got up in the morning till the time she got home she was aways doing something. Her husband Bill was a vice president at a bank and was hardly home.

Jo is a battered wife. Her husband Billy would beat and cut her. The cops have been called numerous time to their house and each time she didn’t press charges. She didn’t have the strength to leave him. Plus she loved him.

Laura is a drug addict who lived day to day looking for her next fix. She would do anything to get money for it. She occasionally turned a trick or two. She would drink till she passed out.

These four women met in basic training when they joined the army. Each had  their own reasons on why they joined. They were the only women in the group when they first arrived so they decided to stick together. Basic training was hard but with each other’s encouragement they got through it. When their orders came they found out Amy and Charlie would go to the same place and Laura and Jo to another. At least they were together right? It is during this time the uncover something so big that they swear to keep it a secret. This secret has been at the back of their minds for years.

Unforseen Consequences by D.E. Haggerty is about for four very different women who have one thing in common. This one thing has put a strain on their friendship and the time has come to reveal this secret. Each one has something to lose. Will they all have the courage to do what is right?

This book wasn’t at all what I expected. By the end I did enjoy the story and even grew fond of some of the characters but I felt it took too long to reveal what it is they were hiding. The characters are very different and I find it makes the story and their friendship work. I give this 4 books.


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