Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson

feeling lucky



So, Megan O’Malley gave in to drunken temptation and pinched a cute guy’s ass at her cousin’s wedding. Who’d have thought a perfectly normal guy—okay, a bit short—was a leprechaun or that he’d have such a bad attitude about giving away his money?! Now that she’s captured him, Megan may be five million dollars richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, doing his best to prevent her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams!

Fergus O’Reilly cannot figure out what he’s done to upset the Queen of the Fairies. He was working hard to rebuild his family’s honor when he took one small break to help friends play a wedding. Then some drunken lady pinched his ass, the Queen declared him caught, and now he’s broke, homeless, and hustling to stop the lovely lady with the wandering fingers from spending his money! This would be so much easier if she wasn’t cute and caring and determined to help with his so-called money addiction!

Review by Venture

Megan woke up from a horrible hangover.  She apparently destroyed her cousin’s wedding and pinched a cute guy on the butt.  Now  apparently a guy that is as tall as her is a leprechaun and is being told she has captured him?!?  Plus finding out family secrets and meeting the Queen of the Fairies. This means she is 5 million dollars richer but life just seems to get worse.  Not better. Problem after problem arise plus she has a angry leprechaun camped out in her apartment.

I think this was a cute story.  I was glad to read it close to St. Patrick’s day.  Megan and Fergus love to argue and tease each other.  The whole cast of characters sound out of the ordinary and absolutely crazy.  Which if you know families….they are…even if they aren’t magical.  I give this 3.5 books


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