Pockets of the Dead (Dawnland) by Karen Carr





Meet Hella Paige. She kills zombies. Well, technically her virus kills zombies, the one that she contracted after being bitten by her undead neighbor. The virus is invaluable, killing everything undead that comes within a thousand feet of where she stands. But it is also destructive, unless Hella can escape the truth, she might be doomed to a terrible fate.

All Hella wanted to do was graduate from college, but she is thrust into a world she never imagined, one filled with moments of sheer terror and the idea that humanity can be saved by a few. She brings together a tribe of survivors, keeping her virus a secret; instead claiming the village they live in is protected by a mysterious zombie-killing aura. Hella has to sacrifice so much for the people she grows to love, for she can’t leave the village without risking their death.

When Hella meets Huck, he captures her heart, but it is his friend Zeke that can help her save humankind. Two heroic men, one she hates and one she loves. Can Hella rise above the chaos of her heart and chose the one to benefit the world? The right choice might mean the difference between surviving and survival of the species.

Review by Angela

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I mostly like zombie books. But I tend to stay away from them as they are all seemingly the same. Pockets of the Dead is a bit of a different kind of the zombie story. First, there is no story as to how the zombie virus came to be, it just is. Second, how the main character kills the zombies is a bit unorthodox. Actually, it’s a bit far-fetched. However, since it is a zombie book and end of the world book, I let that slide in my assessment.

I would have liked more of the story about the virus and where it came from. Some of the writing was a bit oddly worded and seemed unpolished .The story was frustrating at times as the main character is supposed to be in college but sometimes she sounded like a teenager and other times she sounded like the sociology major she was supposed to portray. Some of her reactions to certain scenarios were abnormal and not typical of what you would think she would do. However, I did enjoy the overall story and was intrigued by the outsiders and what was going to happen once they breached the village. I didn’t like the cliffhanger ending either, but who does?   I give this story 3.5 books.


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