Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captain Coytus by Alex Mueck

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When a Harvard history professor receives a thesis paper titled Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captain Coytus, from Ulysses Hercules Baxter—an underwhelming student—he assumes the paper must be a prank. He has never read such maniacal balderdash in his life. But after he calls a meeting with the student, Professor Gladstone is dismayed when Baxter declares the work is his own. As he takes a very unwilling Professor Gladstone back in time via his thesis, Baxter’s grade hangs in the balance as he attempts to prove his theory.

It is 1864 as philanderer and crusader Captain Coytus embarks on a mission to avenge his father’s death and infiltrates the Confederate Bushwacker posse looking for the man responsible, Jesse Woodson James. Accompanied by the woman of his dreams, Coytus soon finds himself temporarily appointed to be the sheriff of Booneville and commissions his less-than-loyal deputy to help him carry out his plan.

But when tragedy strikes, the Captain is forced to change his immature ways and redefine his lofty mission—more or less

Review by Angela

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book sounded very interesting to me and I just had to read it. I was not disappointed! I loved this book! It is so funny and exciting and interesting. I love the old West and I’ve always liked stories of Jesse James (it seems as though there are an abundance of them!). My grandfather’s dad was supposed to have met Jesse James when he was a boy. The story goes that they were living in the middle of nowhere, and Jesse was traveling alone and needed a place to stay for the night. He didn’t use his real name. They let him stay the night, even feeding him dinner. The next day after he left, a posse member had come looking to see if they had seen a man come through – Jesse James. So, I’m sure if you did some checking, you would probably find someone that you know that has a Jesse James story. He had a very large legend attached to him. It may be plausible that this Captain Coytus did exist then, especially with the way that Alex has told his story.

Alex is a brilliant storyteller and has imbibed his abilities into his main character, Captain Coytus. The tales that he spins and the things that he makes people believe are unbelievable! He manages to make people do what he wants them to do and they all still love him. He doesn’t really have any enemies as he does unspeakable things to the bad people and they can’t seem to hold it against him that he did it to them. It does help that he is a large man and is very handsome. He finds women to “love” wherever he goes but none of them seem jealous of the others that he has bedded. He is the envy of all men and all women want him. I wish he were real. I would love to have met someone like him. I highly recommend everyone read this book. If you like history, the Wild West, romance, humor, and action, then this book is for you. 5 books!


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