Echoes in the Universe: A Spiritual Memoir by Leonard Goodwin

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This book illuminates the overlapping nature of the spiritual and physical worlds by tracing the author’s life path as child, husband, father, social researcher, professor, spiritual seeker. It encourage and inspires readers to recognize and follow their own unique paths through these interlocking worlds.

The author tells his story in the form of narrative verse that captures the imagery and feeling of marching through history from growing up in Brooklyn during the dark days of the Great Depression and the advent of World War II to the Kennedy years in Washington, DC, the Great Society, the Martin Luther King assassination to the election of a black President and time beyond the Mayan Calendar. His spiritual experiences include an understanding of the interconnection of all beings during Buddhist meditation, the transmitting of energy to the Earth from the Sound Angel realm, a near death heart attack where a spiritual message is given, an illumination about The Book of Job following a colleague’s presentation of his Holocaust experience at Auschwitz.

This volume is an inspirational reminder that each of us is on a spiritual adventure that’s
grounded in the Earth and echoes through the Universe.

Review by Venture

The book begins in 1929 when the author is born. He talks about his childhood disease, his family dynamic, and how he always feel like an outcast.  He has problems with the opposite sex and finding his place in the world. He tries multiple cultures, religions, and then he starts thinking out of the box.

The beginning of the book I found very interesting.  His family getting their first car, the depression, him being in the hospital, and even up to when he was dealing segregation of black and whites.  Hearing this from someone who lived through it was fascinating.  The difference in health care back then compared to today.  I found it quite fascinating.  Then as the story continued it became more and more long winded.  I didn’t mind every detail when they were interesting but somethings I didn’t feel like they were needed. I did appreciate the fact that he was such a good father and raised them when usually it was a mother’s job. As a single parent I can appreciate his sacrifice.  The author is always trying to find himself.  I think he had too much time on his hand and went about it wrong.  That is my opinion.  I had a horrible time trying to finish it.  I’m glad he is happy.  I give this book 2.5 books.


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