Keri Arthur Triple Play – Circle of Fire, Circle of Death, Circle of Desire





Sixteen teenagers taken from their homes. Eleven bodies recovered, each completely drained of blood. Some believe vampires are responsible. Jon Barnett knows that what’s happening is far worse. Sent by a group of paranormal investigators known as the Damask Circle, Jon quickly becomes enmeshed in a web of black magic and realizes he needs help. But fate gives him only one choice.

Madeline Smith has retreated to an isolated farmhouse, afraid of the abilities she cannot control—abilities that have killed. But when a “ghost” brings a warning of danger and her nephew goes missing, Maddie not only has to leave her haven, she has to place her trust in a man who is neither ghost nor human. As the noose of sorcery tightens, the search for the teenagers becomes a race against time. But the greatest danger to Maddie and Jon could be the intense feelings they refuse to acknowledge but cannot ignore.

Review by Venture

This book is the beginning of the Damask Circle series which is first introduced in the Nikki and Michael series.  As usual the book starts off with a bang and has you sucked into the story.  If you haven’t read the Nikki and Michael series, I highly recommend it.

The Circle of Fire surrounds Madeline Smith.  She is a woman of special gifts that terrify her.  She keeps her contact with people to a minimum.  However she keeps being visited by a man who swears he is not a ghost.  Yet he comes to her often in his “ghost like” form.  He keeps saying that he needs her help.  She has to decide if she believes it is true and worth the risk.  She doesn’t feel tough enough to control her gifts and is afraid of everything that has to do with it.  Will she take the leap of faith and learn how to take control of her life?

Jon is literally stuck.  His only chance of surviving rests in the hands of a woman who is terrified of her own shadow. He figures he is going to die at the rate he is going with her.  She thinks he is some ghost.  The Damask circle sent him in to investigate and  now he is literally stuck in a hole waiting to die.  He doesn’t have much time and if he gets out, he still has a case to solve.

This story is fast paced and a lot happens.  Good and Bad.  I love Keri Arthur.  Her stories suck you in and the storyline twists and turns.  I loved the Nikki and Michael series and I’m glad that the Damask Circle is back and we get to meet some of the rest of the organization.  Madeline Smith is a person with amazing potential and like the rest of us is afraid of what she can do.  Jon thinks he doesn’t need anyone.  Then he has to depend on a woman with her head in the sand.  The next book is waiting….must start reading….this book gets 5 books!!!


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Re-release March 2014



In one vicious night, Kirby Brown’s world is torn apart. Her best friend is dead, killed by a madman who is now after Kirby, and she has no idea why. When the police prove incapable of protecting Kirby, she has no choice but to trust a mysterious stranger. And while she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, she fears the strange abilities he wields.

An investigator for the Damask Circle, Doyle Fitzgerald, has come to Melbourne, Australia, to hunt down a killer. What he doesn’t expect to find is a cadre of witches capable of controlling the elements, a sorceress determined to take that power for herself, and a broken woman who is more than she seems. Doyle is certain that the reason behind the bloodshed lies in Kirby’s past—a past she has no wish to remember. Because Doyle isn’t the only one with magic in his soul: Kirby’s special gifts have the strength to destroy the world.

Review by Venture

The second book in the series.  The Damask Circle is on the hunt for a killer or killers that are after a group of people on a list. This list was given by Seline who is the head of organization.  Nobody knows what or why these women are being picked, much less what they are dying from. Now something or someone is following the best friend of the woman who dies along with her boyfriend.  Protective custody by the police is a joke and she is on the run again.   Camille, Doyle, and Russ have 48 hours to keep this woman safe and change the course of everything.  They still don’t know why or what from.

Kirby Brown’s world is torn apart in one night.  Now she is on the run.  She doesn’t know why and she doesn’t know whom to trust.  It is time for her to figure out what is coming after her and fight back.  She is tired of being a victim and she has her best friend who has always had her back.  Now she needs to decide if she can trust Doyle or not. Yet him saving her does give him some brownie points.

In this book we get introduced to 3 members of the Damask Circle and  as usual they all have their own special gifts.  Keri Arthur keeps the book moving and people guessing throughout the book.  You can’t wait to see what happens and find out how it ends.  Out of all her books I would say this one was slightly easier to guess the ending. Which means I will give it only 4.5 books instead of the usual 5.


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Re-release April 2014



Two children have been found dead, their souls torn from their bodies. Two more are missing, and Ethan Morgan’s niece is one of them. A dedicated cop, Ethan has every intention not only of bringing her back alive but of catching the monster behind these kidnappings. And he will use anyone and everyone to achieve those aims—even a crazy woman who claims to be a witch. But time is ticking. The victims rarely stay alive for more than seven days. Four of those days have already passed.

In ten years of working for the Damask Circle, shapeshifter Katherine Tanner has never come across anything that goes after kids the way this monster does. The last thing Kat needs is interference from a cop who has no idea what he’s up against. But the greatest threat to Kat may come not from the forces of darkness, but from the man she is beginning to love. Because Ethan is a werewolf . . . and the full moon is rising.

Review by Venture

This is definitely my favorite of the three books of the Damask Circle.  We are introduced to the lovely duo from the Damask circle.  Kat Turner and her grandmother have been helping the Damask Circle for a while now.  They were mentioned in the Nikki and Michael series and I was fascinated by the grandmother and granddaughter duo.  I was excited that they got their own book.

Kat and her grandmother are trying to help the police solve the kidnapping case.  Multiple girls are being taken and they are trying to find them before they are all found dead.  As Kat is chasing after the killers she has a obstacle.  The obstacle is in the form of Ethan.  He is a policeman who is trying to find his niece and he will do it no matter the obstacle.

Ethan was thrown off the case of finding his niece.  But, he is still following the leads no matter what.   Ethan has to do this for his brother.  He will do anything to find them even attaching himself to a couple psychics that he doesn’t quite believe.  He is going to have to start believing in not only what these women can do but what he needs to do also.

I love Ethan even when he acts likes a total jerk,  He upfront and honest.  Even if he has his own personal issues.  He is honorable and sounds totally HOT!  He has a lot to learn and Kat teaches it to him.  She is a strong woman who can take care of herself and is what female characters should be.  Strong, can take care of herself, and knows what she wants.  I loved this book…..I wish I could give it more than 5 books!


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