Touching Scars by Stacy Borel

touching scars



Timber Nelson has recently returned home after serving two tours in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, he’s a shadow of the man he was before his time in the military. Instead of learning to live with the nightmares he faced in the war, he drowns them in a bottle of Crown.

Katherine Pierce is an alluring woman with dark brown hair, tattoos, and a fiery attitude. Yet her history is one full of disturbing images that she’s been trying to run away from for the better part of six years.

Undeniable attraction between Timber and Kat reaches its peak and they both give in to the unquestionable pull.

Will Timber be able to save Kat from her past repeating itself?

And will they be able to soothe each other’s scars? Or will their old scars become new wounds?

Touching Scars Teaser 1


Review by Laura

Timber Nelson was one of the popular kids in high school. Unlike his friends he wasn’t rich or a bully. It was his good looks that got him in the popular crowd.  His best friend Adam was a bully and his favorite person to pick on was Katherine. After graduation Timber enlists in the army and comes back a different man. He gets a job in a small town and runs into Katherine. Katherine looks different but remembers Timber very well. The two struggle with their own personal demons. With Timber’s nightmares and Katherine’s dark secret can they have a future?

I really really loved this story! It has passion and heartbreak. This is not your average love story and that’s what makes it such a great read! I give this 5 books.


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