The Regent’s Gamble by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor




New York City is famous for New Year’s Eve—but most people don’t celebrate it with a fight to the death… with a wizard who’s already dead! Of course, that is only the beginning for Addison Rhydderch, who wakes up to learn that he’s the newest Regent—protector of the balance between the mundane and the supernatural across the Eastern United states. Easier said than done, even with the guidance of a dragon and the aid of a sultry dryad. Brave, clever, and politically clueless, Addison seems like the perfect tool of the mysterious Regency Board… but even those Magi could never have foreseen the results of this appointment. With the Faeries threatening war and rumors of a mystical murderer stalking the streets, it is soon up to Addison to try and put out the fires flaring up from centuries old conflicts—Before both worlds are torn apart!

**An epic tale for adults with a new twist on old fairy tales. Be advised for scenes of sexual content, daring fights, and graphic violence.

Review by Angela

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was thoroughly intrigued by the synopsis for this book.  It sounded like something that I would enjoy immensely and I did.  It is a fantasy of sorts in that there are a lot of creatures in this book.  The story is also very complicated so it takes a lot for it to be told (560+ pages!!).  There is back story that needs to be told, but it needs to happen in a way that is not confusing and is pertinent to the story.  I think the authors do a good job of this. I was able to fully follow the story and understand everything that was happening. The authors are very descriptive as well and it takes a great imagination to be able to come up with these worlds and characters that are in this book.  There was one down-side of the book for me…..the sexy bits.  I could’ve done without the descriptive scenes of copulation.  Mainly, because of some of the adjectives used to describe the body parts.  I loathe that type of writing.  But, I am in the minority so I am sure that others will not mind that part at all.

The book was a wee long, however, a lot did happen.  Was all of it necessary?  Was there too much? It’s hard to say yes or no to either of these questions.  I think that maybe some of the dialogue (and sexy bits) could’ve been cut out and it wouldn’t have necessarily detracted from the story.  But, it was not as if I felt like it dragged on and on.  I give The Regent’s Gamble 4 books.


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