The Threaded Gem Adventure by Malana Ashlie

threaded beads



Crafting Relationships through Beads. Life is about connecting the dots. This is the answer Malana Ashlie received when trying to decide how to join special people in her life for her birthday. The threaded Gem Adventure is a how to book for creating a memory chain using beads representing each of the special people in your life. The basic explanations, supported by photographs of the process, are presented as stepping-stones in a story that traces the author’s personal journey of awareness.

Review by Venture

I was asked to give a review on this book. I tried to read this book on multiple occasions. I even skipped ahead in hope that the book would become more interesting. The book is suppose to craft relationships through beads. Maybe if I had a love of beads, I would appreciate this book more. However, I don’t. I could barely finish a few pages before I was closing my Kindle and turning to something else to read. Even a book I have read before. I hope that there is someone out there that appreciates this book and that it is suppose to support a worthy cause. I wish them the best. I have to give this book 1 book. I am sorry I can’t give it more.


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