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For this tour, I was paired up with S. Simone Chavous, a paranormal romance author who’s first book I have had the pleasure of reading.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for this tour, but I decided I definitely wanted to do an interview.  Let’s find out a little bit more about her shall we?

1 – When did you start writing?

When I was a kid, but I didn’t seriously consider it as a career until two years ago.

2 – What made you decide to publish your first book?

My daughters. As the time approached for me to go back to work after my youngest was born, I realized how much I wanted to be home with them. I went back to my day job part-time, but was miserable and finally got up the courage to hit the button on Choices of Fate. I realized I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering and I wanted to show my girls how to chase their dreams.

3 – What motivates you to write?

Again, my motivation is in my girls. Seeing them everyday, I want them to have the courage to go for what they want in life. The best way for me to teach them that is to lead by example.

4 – Do you ever feel frustrated with your work?

All the time! Characters often have different ideas about where a story should go than I do, and there are days I read my work and think it is the worst thing I’ve ever read, but then there are others where I think, wow, can’t believe I wrote that.

5 – What makes you keep writing when you get frustrated?

I don’t think I could ever stop writing, even if I never published another thing. I just have to get the stories out of my head. But on the days when it feels hard, I remind myself how lucky I am to be doing this for a living. I set my own schedule and am there for all the important moments with my family. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

6 – How do you handle negative reviews of your books?

I am going to have to do some serious knocking on wood after this answer, but I actually have yet to receive a negative review. I did receive one that was more critical than most, but it was very constructive and I took the suggestions to heart as I approached my next book. My general policy on negative reviews is to use the information which can help me improve and ignore the rest.

7 – There are a lot of distractions around, especially with social media, how do you block it all out and write?

This is definitely an area I could stand to do better in, but generally, I try to schedule out my writing days to keep myself focused. I allow for a specified amount of time for social media/marketing, then do blocks of time where I turn off my phone and close out of the internet to write.

8 – What do you enjoy, outside of writing?

I love to draw, I read quite a bit, and am addicted to several television series 🙂  Beyond that, my time is filled with family/household stuff, kid’s activities, etc.

9 – Have you ever had to rewrite portions of a book because the characters decided to be someone else than you intended?

Yes, I experienced this recently which forced me to push back the release of the second book in the Fate Series by a few weeks.

10 – Where do you come up with the names for your characters?

All over, sometimes I’ll hear a name and write it down for future use, sometimes I research names based on a character’s background/heritage, I named a character after one of my daughters and one after my boyfriend’s son, and have even written actual people (including their real names) into my stories.

11 – Did you ever think you’d be a published author?

Honestly, no. When I was younger, being published was up there with being a movie star or famous musician. It just wasn’t a practical career choice, so I went with something far more predictable and became an accountant. With the explosion of digital media and ebooks, the publishing world has opened up to anyone willing to take a chance.

12 – What are you working on currently?

-Title – The Matchmaker’s Demise

-Date of Release – Early 2014

-Where did you get the idea for it? – A television dating show

-When is the cover reveal? – not sure yet, I need to get to work on that 😉

13 – Do you ever write characters you hate?

Not yet, but I’m sure it will happen eventually.

14 – Who is your favorite character that you’ve written?

Chloe from the Fate Series. She’s based on my youngest daughter, at least up until she grows up, which happens pretty early because she a special little vampire in the story. 🙂

15 – Where did you get the idea for your books?

My ideas come from all over, my own experiences, things I see on TV, watching other people as I go about my day, my dreams, anything can spark an idea.

16 – Do you have a favorite genre to write?

Paranormal romance is my favorite, but The Matchmaker’s Demise is contemporary and I have another idea brewing for next year which will also be contemporary.

17 – Is there a type of genre you refuse to write?

No, if I get an idea I like, I’ll write just about anything to shut off the voices in my head.

18 – Do you prefer your books in print or e-book format?

Ebook is simpler, but I will always make my work available in both formats if I can.

19 – What are you currently reading?

White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert

20 – What is your favorite book?

This is an impossible question, there are so many and my favorite changes over time/mood. I love Caris Roane’s Guardians of Ascension series and of course The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward for paranormal romance. I also have to give a shout out to CJ Robert’s Dark Duet, those books really stayed with me.

21 – Who is your favorite author?

Again, this may change over time, but I love CJ Roberts.

22 – Do you have any excerpts from any of your books (published and WIPs) that you’d like to share with us?

Sure, here is a little snippet from Choices of Fate –

“The consummation of our bond is far too intimate to take place in public view,” he husked leaning in so that his breath slid over the sensitive skin of her neck sending a shiver down her spine.

“Oh,” she whispered lazily as she tilted her head giving him better access to her neck, “what will that be like?”

“Hmmm,” he whispered as he kissed her neck gently, “it will be like heaven.”

“Can you be a little more specific, Mr. Kellar?” she challenged pushing him back slightly.

“Well,” he pulled her close again, “first we are going to go on a little trip, somewhere we can truly be alone.” He kissed her neck again, “I know how you worry about my parents hearing your screams,” he teased.

“And where exactly are we going?” she questioned, fighting not to lose herself in his touch.

“That, Amor, is a surprise.” He traced his finger down the side of her neck and down the deep cut of her dress between her breasts, eliciting a low moan. “When we are alone, and I have your beautiful body writhing beneath me,” he whispered, “I will bite you here,” he kissed her neck again, flicking his tongue over the place he had bitten her before, causing her vein to rise to his call, “and bury myself deep inside you.”

23 – Do you have a favorite holiday?

I love New Year’s, to me it has always signaled a new beginning, a chance to make the next year better than the last and a great excuse to celebrate 🙂

24 – Are you going to dress up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?

I plan to, but I am a bit of a procrastinator so I’m not 100% sure on my costume. I think I’m down to deciding between a vampire or a lion tamer (my youngest is dressing up as a lion).

25 – You write about paranormal entities, do you believe in them?  Had any experiences you’d like to share? 

I don’t have any experiences to share, but I definitely believe in things beyond the scope of our perceived reality. The universe is too big a place not to, in my humble opinion.

26 – Last question (I’m asking for my pal Jooood because this is her favorite [mythical animal]: Would you ever consider putting a platypire in one of your books?

Haha, had to Google that one. I could probably squeeze one into a conversation between my characters, I’ve managed to reference some things I really like that way, like in Redemption of Fate, M99 is the tranquilizer used to knock out a character and I give a shout out to Dexter, indirectly 🙂



**For mature readers only, contains adult content**

On her own since the day she turned eighteen and left the group home where she grew up, twenty-five year old Alexa Ryan has made a comfortable life for herself. She has a great job, the perfect apartment, every material possession a girl her age could desire. Unfortunately, she also has an unusual condition which has forced her to keep everyone at a distance.

Ethan Kellar has spent his entire life running from destiny. When he was just a boy, a powerful seer prophesied his role in events that would determine the outcome of the secret war his people had been fighting for centuries. A role he was determined not to accept, leading him to avoid letting anyone get too close, until the night Alexa fell into his arms.

Drawn to her in a way he has never experienced, Ethan decides to take the ultimate risk by trusting Alexa and revealing to her all he truly is. Thinking she is an ordinary woman, he believes she is the key to preventing the prophecy from being fulfilled and allowing him to live the life he has always wanted, one he chooses. Having been so consumed with the desire to determine the course of his own life he wants no less for Alexa and knows he must tell her everything, give her a choice. Before that happens they surrender to the intense physical attraction between them and he realizes too late that in trying so hard to change his fate, he may have set the events of the prophecy in motion.

In that moment, Ethan makes the most difficult decision of his life and does the only thing he can to save Alexa. He walks away.

Consumed by grief, Alexa falls into a deep depression until she learns her brief encounter with love resulted in a child and somehow finds the strength to put herself back together for the sake of her baby Chloe.

Nearly two years after Ethan walked out Chloe develops an unexplained illness which sends Alexa in search of anything that can help. Her pursuit leads her back to Ethan and thrusts her into his dark and mysterious world, unlocking the secrets of her past and revealing threats to their future. Together, Alexa and Ethan fight to protect Chloe and their love, but there is one battle Ethan fights alone as he struggles to choose his own path and avoid the choices of fate.


  1. Ai Du – Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder (this is the song playing the first time Alexa and Ethan danced)
  2. Glory Box – Portishead
  3. Magic – Cobie Caillat
  4. Feelin’ Love – Paula cole
  5. Dream A Little Dream of Me – The Mamas & The Papas – (song Alexa sings Chloe to sleep with)
  6. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  7. Over You – Miranda Lambert
  8. The Only Exception – Paramore
  9. What if You – Joshua Radin
  10. Come Away With Me – Nora Jones
  11. Canon in D Major – Pachelbel (wedding song)

Review by Angela

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This vampire book is a bit different than others that I have read.  Ethan is a vampire but he was born from vampires, not bitten and infected.  He falls in love with Alexa and she falls in love with him.  But, they do it within a day or so of meeting each other.  Alexa is a telepath, meaning she can read other peoples minds, but she can’t read Ethan’s.  After Ethan assures Alexa that he cannot get her pregnant and they spend several days over the weekend together.   Ethan leaves suddenly after tasting Alexa’s blood after biting her during sex.  Alexa finds out she’s pregnant within a few weeks after he leaves.  She manages to have the baby, Chloe, and take care of her on her own until Chloe hits about 9 months old.  It’s when she takes Chloe to a special doctor for her sudden colic and other odd symptoms that things get weird and complicated.

I can not give away some of the other things that happen in the book as they would be total spoilers.  Let’s just say that Alexa finds out something shocking about her and the parents that seemingly abandoned her at birth, she finds out that her daughter Chloe may be something special as well and also has other vampires trying to kill her and take her baby.  There is a LOT happening in this book, but it doesn’t seem like too much.  It all seems like necessary storyline.  I really like the storyline, the action, the characters, etc.  It is a really good vampire book and I really can’t wait to see what happens in future installments.

This is a 4 out of 5 book read!!


Purchase on Amazon for $0.99!!

About the Author

Choices of Fate_S Simone Chavous_Author Pic

S. Simone Chavous spent seven years as a tax accountant before deciding to pursue her true passion as an author.

Choices of Fate, the first book in the Fate Trilogy, is her debut novel.

She lives in northern Indiana with her boyfriend, two beautiful daughters and their rambunctious vizsla, Lily.


  1. I have a bright blue Harley Davidson Sportster
  2. I’ve been skydiving
  3. My birth name, before I was adopted, was Rosalinda
  4. I used to show dogs, ranging from Pomeranians to Great Danes and currently own a Vizsla
  5. I have never broken any bones, despite being a bit of a daredevil
  6. When I was in 3rd grade, some 5th grade boys dared me to throw an egg out of the school bus window on our way back from the science Olympiad, it hit a car and I got 3 days of detention
  7. I have been shocked with a police taser, twice

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