Triple Threat – Bonded by Blood Chronicles: Midnight Conquest, Midnight Captive and Midnight Hunt by Arial Burnz

midnight conquest


Stewart Glen, Scotland – 1514

Masked in a Gypsy guise, Broderick MacDougal hides his vampiric identity while seeking to destroy the man who slaughtered his family. When an old Clan rival ensnares Broderick in a trap using an enticing widow, he is compelled to discover if she is bait or an accomplice, and the cinnamon-haired beauty is his next conquest.

Widow of an abusive husband, Davina Stewart-Russell clings to the only image that gave her strength during those dark times–the Gypsy rogue who stole her heart as a youth. After nine years, she is finally face-to-face with him again, but reality clashes with fantasy as she is confronted with Broderick’s passionate pursuit.

When Davina’s past returns to haunt her, Broderick is forced to reveal a dark secret worse than anything Davina thought possible. The challenge before them has fatal risks and neither of them is prepared for the sacrifices expected for the sake of eternal love.

Reader Advisory: This story contains explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and domestic abuse. (Don’t worry…the bad guys get it in the end!

Review by Venture

A feud between the Campbell’s and the MacDougal’s rages til all Broderick has left of his family is memories. He accepts Cordelia’s promise for immortality but she betrays him like his wife. He finally gets the immortality that he wants.  Now he has the means to fight and kill Angus Campbell who killed his family.  Angus is a Vamsyrian like Broderick so the battle continues.

Davina has always wanted what the old gypsy foretold of her future. However she is living a life that is nothing short of a nightmare. Her husband is an abusive jerk that tortures her days, nights, and sleep. She carries the scars from what he has done to her.  She just tries to get through each day.  She uses the memories of the gypsy she liked as a child to get through this.

Broderick is revisiting an area where he met a young Davina.  He also came across a sign of Angus.  He now has to decide who is Angus using to get close to him.  He also is trying not be distracted from his purpose.  He knows Angus would do anything to get rid of anyone Broderick cares about.  He plans to end this feud once and for all.

I found this vampire story very interesting.  I was a little concerned after going through the acknowledgements and disclaimers about historic significance.  I found it interesting to read a different take on vampires placed back in the past.  Plus I have always had a thing for gypsies.  I like the fact the story has more than a love story.  It is story that has love in it.  It also has pain, revenge, and loss.  I give this book 4 books.


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midnight captive


Leith, Scotland – 1531Cailin MacDougal has lived a dangerous life being the adopted daughter of vampire Broderick “Rick” MacDougal, so she had no choice but to learn to fight in order to protect herself. However, such behavior is hardly desirable in a dutiful wife who’s supposed to embroider and run a household. This aggressive side of her behavior should be easy enough to hide from her betrothed…shouldn’t it?

After being away at fencing school for seven years, James Knightly has returned as a master swordsman, ready to captain his own ship and finally wed his childhood sweetheart, Cailin MacDougal. What he finds waiting for him is a dagger-toting hellion for a bride, an immortal father-in-law, and an enemy bent on extracting revenge by threatening the family James holds most dear-the MacDougals.

BRODERICK MAC DOUGAL is lured away from his family with the promise of-at last-learning a way to protect those he loves from his clan enemy, Angus Campbell. Broderick knows he’s headed for a trap, but the bait is too tempting to resist…and he unravels the beginning of a prophecy that will lead to redemption for all vampires. The cost of such redemption, though, may be the very soul of the woman he would die for…his wife, Davina.Reader Advisory: This story contains some explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and sword fights.

Review by Venture

Years have passed since the first book.  Little Cailin is all grown up and meets a man while fighting off a thief.  She is attracted to him and he kisses her.  Afterwards she finds out that it is the man she was promised to when she was a young girl.  He has come back after his training to take up his woman and be a captain of a ship.  Broderick is given a present which means he might be able to protect his family from other Vamsyrians. He heads off to find out how to make more.  He leaves Cailin and her betrothed to protect the household.  Angus, of course, will use this opportunity to cause trouble with Broderick’s family.

I loved and hated this book.  It made me happy and sad.  I really wish Davina had decided to be Vamsyrian so that she didn’t grow old.  I really liked to see Cailin as a feisty and well trained woman.  She is worried that her betrothed wouldn’t like it but I think he liked it even more.  What man has picked a woman for her attributes and then finds she has a feisty hot side and is good with a knife?  I think most guys would love that she is a good girl when she needs to be and bad girl when she needs to be. I can’t wait to read the next book…..I give this book 4 books.


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Midnight hunt


Germany – 1636

Driven by the desire to meet the true love she’s experienced in her dreams, Monika Konrads uses her magickal skills to weave a love spell during the waxing of the moon. As if in response, a strangely familiar and handsome Scotsman is seeking to settle in their village. But the werewolf stalking Monika has other ideas about who her love interest should be.

Broderick MacDougal is drawn to the powerful witch by a familiar force, and makes the chestnut-haired wise woman his next pursuit to unravel the mystery of why she reminds him so much of his late wife, Davina. However, there are other supernatural forces surrounding her, exposing Rick to a darker side of this deal he made for immortality…and this enchanting nymph may be his only salvation.

Monika’s quest to find a cure for the werewolf curse causes a chain of events that starts a witch hunt, dooming both her and Broderick to the fiery stake of judgment. And through these trials, they learn the Church has a new ally who is hunting down the members of the Army of Light.

Reader Advisory: This story contains some explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language.

Review by Venture

Reminiscing over the death of his wife Davina, Broderick is still heartbroken these past 80 years. They swore they would love each other forever and that her spirit would pursue him to the end of time.  After eighty years, there isn’t much comfort in it. When he is at his lowest the Prophetess appears and tells him Davina has been born in a new body. Also that this “Davina” is in danger. Broderick runs off even if he doubts that his Davina was reborn. If he is expecting Monika to be like his Davina….he has some learning to do. Plus as usual the contest trouble from his brother & whomever else that wants to join in.

Is this the last book of the Midnight series? The ways things ended it could be or the author could finish writing to finish the prophesy. However, either way, I loved these three books. I think this might be my favorite of the three. I liked Monika’s intelligence and her spirit. She will keep Broderick in line even if she isn’t Davina. I give this book 5 books.


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2 responses to “Triple Threat – Bonded by Blood Chronicles: Midnight Conquest, Midnight Captive and Midnight Hunt by Arial Burnz

  1. WOW!! Thank you so much for reading AND reviewing all three books!!! I just now saw this post, so forgive me for not commenting sooner. Lovely reviews, all three, and I’m glad you’re looking for more in the series. There IS definitely more to come! I see you’ve signed up to host a stop for the Midnight Eclipse release, which is Book 4 in the series…and the prophecy definitely continues! I hope you enjoy the new book and look forward to your review.

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