Resisting Fate (Predetermined) by Heather Van Fleet

resisting fate



Seventeen-year-old Emmy O’Connell is the epitome of a hot mess.

Her boyfriend’s been shipped out of town to some boarding school four states away. Her step-douche is constantly drunk and badgering her. And then there’s her good-ole-mom… The lady is nothing more than a miserable shell of a woman. She’s turned off all of her feelings and her ability to be a good mother as well, leaving poor Emmy and her four year old brother Jamie to suffer. Life couldn’t get much worse, right?

Enter the elusive, cocky, and oh-so-broody Jack Hartman…

The jerk cousin of her boyfriend becomes Emmy’s worst nightmare…times ten. He’s cruel. He’s insensitive. But he also has this strange little ability over her – he makes her weak in the knees with the single touch. No matter how miserable or amazing Jack makes her feel, Emmy can’t seem to deny him, especially when he takes on the role of her protector –her pseudo-knight in a black leather coat.

A knight who also happens to ride in on his black Harley, instead of a white horse…

And to make a bad situation worse…

Werewolves and teens shouldn’t mix! But what can Emmy do when she finds herself thrown head first into the center of it all. Can she handle the supernatural mess her life rapidly becomes or will she fight against the inevitable fate her heart desires?

Review by Venture

Em is starting her senior year of high school.  She should be excited but she isn’t.  Her boyfriend of 2 years has left with no goodbye.  She is still working for his parents but that becomes more awkward when his cousin comes into town to help out.  She is living with her stepfather and mom who are both horrible in different ways.  The only reason she puts up with them is because of her baby brother.  She keeps having horrible nightmares.  Nope this year doesn’t look so good.  Especially since Jake has come into town and does everything he can to annoy her.  He is a jerk.  A gorgeous jerk but a jerk nonetheless.

I thought this was an interesting story.  I liked the different ways the story turned.  I find Jake to be super hot.  I love the whole protective hot guy thing.  It was different than anything I’ve ever read about supernatural characters.  Since I have read many books.  That is a good thing.  I really can’t wait to read the next book and see who she ends up with.  It better be Jake even if its not allowed.  I give this story 4.5 books.


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