Cowboy for Sale (A Second Chances Spicy Romance) by Janet Wellington

cowboy for sale


Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast–one willing to be auctioned off…for charity, of course! So, what’s a girl to do but go boot-scootin’ and cowboy huntin’ at San Diego’s most popular country music club. There she runs smack into Jared Dillon. Tall, dark, and definitely handsome, Jared is the kind of man any woman would want to date–and he’s perfect for the bachelor auction. Too bad he’s married…

Or is he?

Single dad Jared loves his young daughter more than anything, and has worked hard to create an idyllic life on his alpaca ranch, just the two of them. The last thing he needs is to get involved with another single-minded career woman used to the big city lights instead of star-filled skies. Pretty Lacey’s the kind of woman who is off limits for more reasons than he can count. But why can’t he stop thinking about her? Nope. She’s just not for him…

Or is she?

When one of the bachelor cowboys is a no-show at the charity auction, Jared steps in at the last minute and gallantly saves the day. One thing leads to another and Lacey and Jared are off on a romantic Dream Date Weekend at a mountain getaway designed for cozy evenings by the fire and luxurious nights in a four-poster bed.

Trouble is, Lacey’s not looking for a man, let alone a much-too-hot cowboy. Her career is right on track and she’s finally bouncing back from a bad breakup. No matter how he makes her feel, Jared definitely doesn’t fit her logical list of “must haves.” There’s sizzling chemistry, for sure, but she’s vowed she’ll never fall for another single father again. Losing at love is one thing, but losing the love of a child…that’s quite another…and a heartbreak she won’t go through again.

But….add together: champagne, a hot tub, a dangerous game of twenty-questions, a romantic fire and two lonely hearts…and the delicious trouble begins. Jared knows falling for Lacey isn’t the right thing for him or his little girl…but how’s a cowboy supposed to resist?

Review by Venture

Lacey has put everything into her job as manager of a hair salon since her disastrous relationship ended.  She is helping raise money for the Pediatric Aids Foundation.  She is looking for a cowboy to sell a date with at the bachelor auction.  She goes with her friend Kandy to this cowboy bar when she meets Jared.  She likes him but decides he doesn’t have anything on her lists of wants for a future partner.  Jared steps into to help last minute and Lacey wins a weekend with Jared by a surprise turn of events.  Lacey and Jared have a lot of false starts and stops.  They don’t know how to talk to each other and that affects everything they do together.  They both agree that each of them doesn’t fit the criteria they have for a future partner.  Lacey meets a man and is given an offer she can’t refuse.  Now we will see if that is what she really wants.

I enjoyed the story and the characters. I found Lacey a paradox of confidence with poise one minute and nerves/fears.  Everyone thinks that a confident woman doesn’t have all the same fears that everyone has.  I like how Janet’s characters are real. My one and only complaint is the fact that their relationship happened too fast.  Not the attraction.  Just one minute no way and the next minute to death do us part.  No normal procession.  It gave me whiplash.  It otherwise was a cute story that I enjoyed.  I give this book 4 books.


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