Branded (A Sinners Series, Volume 1) by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Branded Abi&Missy front ebooklg


Fifty years ago the Commander came into power and murdered all who opposed him. In his warped mind, the seven deadly sins were the downfall of society. He created the Hole where sinners are branded according to their sins and might survive a few years. At best.
Now LUST wraps around my neck like blue fingers strangling me. I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t commit and now the Hole is my new home.

Darkness. Death. Violence. Pain.

Now every day is a fight for survival. But I won’t die. I won’t let them win.
The Hole can’t keep me. The Hole can’t break me.
I am more than my brand. I’m a fighter.
My name is Lexi Hamilton, and this is my story.

Review by Venture

Lexi Hamilton has had a rough time of it.  She lost her father, her brother took off, and hates her psycho mother.  She is convicted as a sinner without a real trial.  Nobody cares that she is innocent and she doesn’t waste her breath telling them otherwise.  If it wasn’t for her father, she wouldn’t be alive anyway.  She is branded a sinner.  In a world where people who are Branded with seven deadly sins are sent to the Hole.  She is branded blue for Lust.  She is thrown into the world of the Hole which is worse than anyone can imagine.  She is lucky enough or sometimes not feeling so lucky that she has a guard named Cole.  A pretty young girl branded as a whore and is thrown into Hell…..not exactly the best circumstances….Lexi would just like to give up.  Especially since people don’t care if they kill her guard to get to her.  She has to decide if she is just going to give up or be her father’s daughter.

Branded is story that is utterly amazing and unique.  Even though my other half, Angela, already did a review on this book, I had to do one also.  It is that good.  In a world that one story is similar to another, it is great to read a completely original story. This book can’t be listed in a specific genre.  It has everything in it.  The scariest part of the story is that the fact the ideas are actually plausible.  I hope you run out and read this book.  It is truly amazing!  I give this 5 books!

Book ratingBook ratingBook ratingBook ratingBook rating

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