Keri Arthur Triple Play – Dancing With the Devil, Hearts in Darkness, Kiss the Night Goodbye

dancing with the devil



Private Investigator Nikki James grew up on the tough streets of Lyndhurst and believes there’s nothing left to surprise her. But all that changes the night she follows a rich man’s daughter into the shadows and finds herself caught in a war between two very different men. One is a madman, intent on destruction. The other has his own heart of darkness.

For three hundred years, Michael Kelly has existed in life’s shadows, gradually learning to control his vampire cravings. He is convinced that no one can breach his formidable barriers—until he meets Nikki. With her powerful psychic abilities, Nikki swiftly invades both his mind and his heart. Nikki knows how dangerous love can be . . . but if she wants to survive, she must place her trust in this man who could easily destroy her. For only together can they overcome the evil threatening to destroy them both.

Review by Venture

Nikki was given a cushy job following teenage Monica Trevgard so that her father can talk to her.  For a private detective it should be a simple case.  With the commission from her rich father it would be nice for Nikki and her boss Jake.  When Nikki starts following Monica, things become strange.  First she knows she is being followed and she is a bit nervous since four women have disappeared from this area. She continues to follow since her special gifts tell her if she doesn’t Monica will end up dead.

Michael Kelly is frustrated.  He was told that he was sent to Lyndhurst to protect Nikki and she knowingly goes into danger even when he tries to tell her not to.   When he finds out that he is protecting her from a man who he has hunted for a long time.  He is beyond frustrated with her.  With her special abilities she is exactly what this evil man wants.  Some how he has to save her from herself and hunt down this man.

Nikki will continually frustrate and drive Michael crazy.  Then Nikki will have to find out that there are more things out there in the world than people with special gifts.  There are creatures that she thought only existed in movies.  Michael has special gifts too.  He will do anything to save Nikki.  More than he realized.

Welcome to the first book in the series!  I fell in love with this series.  I unfortunately started on the third book and had to retrace my steps.  I’m glad I did.  Kerri Arthur brings these two unlikely people together and adds in some paranormal…..the sky is the limit!  I absolutely love this series and boy do I love Michael!!!  I give this book 5 books!


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Private Investigator Nikki James has a lot to contend with. Her lover, Michael Kelly, walked out without so much as a goodbye, and what seemed like a simple case of stopping a runaway teen brought her face-to-face with another clutch of deadly vampires. But if that seemed bad, it is about to get a lot worse, because when Michael returns, it is not for her, but for the case.

Wealthy men are starting to vanish from a resort in Jackson Hole—which is exactly where Nikki’s runaway teen seems to be as well. Something nefarious is going on at the luxury spa, but what? The last thing Michael needs is a confrontation with Nikki—especially when his control over his bloodlust is still so tenuous. But posing as a newlywed couple at the swanky resort may be the best way for both of them to solve their respective cases. This time, Nikki is determined to make Michael see that life apart is worse than death. Yet before she can make him see the light, a specter from Michael’s past rises that could destroy any hope she has of a future with him. Because this time the threat isn’t physical. It’s a matter of the heart.

Review by Venture

The second book of Michael and Nikki starts soon after the drama of the first one.  It has been months since Michael walked out of Nikki’s life.  He changed her life upside down and left because Nikki found it hard to trust him. She spent months trying to find him until she gave up.  She headed home to Jake and her job.  She is now watching a genius young man whose mother is afraid he has gotten into the wrong crowd.  Mothers always know best.  I bet his mother would never guessed this though.   Nikki and Jake get ambushed by a few vampires and lose the boy.  Now Nikki is picking up leads.  It looks like they are pointed in one direction Jackson Hole.

Michael is still liking his wounds and trying to control himself after meeting Nikki.  Until he is told that he needs to go to Jackson Hole otherwise Nikki might not survive it.  There is danger there that his organization with their special skills can’t read.  He needs to get Nikki and they need to team up again to solve this mystery.  Michael trusts that his self control will keep him safe.

Nikki gets the shock of her life when Michael strolls back into her life after he left her in the hospital.  He wants her to pretend they are a newly married couple to find out what is going on.  He wants to keep her safe.  Nikki will always go after what she wants.  That means following the case til it finishes or making a stubborn fool realize they are meant to be together…..she is willing to do it….luckily she is harder to kill these days.

As soon as I finished book one, I started book two.  I figured a little missed sleep was okay if I got a little more Michael in my night!  Michael is an old fashion fool but Nikki can always wrap him around to her way of thinking even if takes a while.  Or a book or three…Action packed and surprises are delivered in a way that only Kerri Arthur can.  If you start this series….you won’t be able to stop with one!!  I give this book and series 5 books!


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Book 3 is reviewed here




Nikki James is just an ordinary, risk-taking, psychically inclined private eye until she hooks up with Michael Kelly. Now she is something more: one of the few, the chosen, the magic-wielding undercover operatives of the Damask Circle, an organization protecting humanity from a rising tide of evil. She wants nothing more than to pass the Circle’s strict entry exams so she can get on with the business of planning her wedding to Michael. But she quickly realizes that buying a wedding dress is the least of her worries.

One hundred years ago, Michael Kelly hunted down and killed the sorcerer responsible for murdering his lover. Now the brother of that man is out for revenge, and he intends to destroy all that Michael holds dear in the process. When Michael is kidnapped, the trail leads Nikki to a dusty ghost town surrounded by a potent magical barrier, leaving her to battle a madman alone with only her wits, strength, and the one psychic gift she cannot fully control. And to make matters even worse, Michael no longer seems to remember who she is.

Review by Venture

This is the fourth book in the Michael and Nikki series.  After constant battles both real and emotional, Nikki is finally getting everything she wants.  She is testing to be a full member of Michael’s group and she gets Michael….forever.  She has been waiting to marry this man for a lifetime and Michael has been waiting for her for centuries.  Now she just has to pass the test.  Otherwise the wedding gets postponed until she gets more training.  She can do this.  She is gifted plus Jake passed just before her.

Enter stage left the person who wants to end all of this.  Someone from Michael’s past has spent a very, very long time to set up his revenge.  If it was only revenge he wanted though it would be simple.  He kidnaps Michael.  Killing him would be a piece of cake.  However he wants more than Michael’s death.  He wants much more.  Now Nikki has to save Michael.  Not only because she loves him but if he isn’t alive.  Neither is she.  What a way to spoil someone’s wedding plans….sigh….

In the final book written so far (there better be more!!), Nikki isn’t the female shocked by things that go bump in the night.  She now knows a lot more than she knew before.  Even if she has to hunt down Michael til the ends of earth she will.  I would love to tell you more about this story but I’d ruin it.  I will say one thing though.  What if the person you love, doesn’t know you?  What would you do then?  Kerri Arthur as always keeps everyone on their toes with changes and surprises.  Nasty creatures that go bump in the night.  Bring us more Kerri, please!!  I loved this book also!  I give this book 5 books!!!


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