Legacy of a Dreamer (Dreamer Series) by Allie Jean



Chantal Breelan has spent most of her childhood as a ward of the state. She has a mysterious past and the foster system provided her with no answers. At the age of fifteen, she begins to have horrifying dreams: images of violence and death that haunt her during her waking hours. Anxious and afraid, and with no one else to confide in, she finds comfort in her imaginary friend, a shadow in the shape of a man who stands sentinel over her. She tells him of her dreams and her fear of an unknown future.

On her eighteenth birthday, she’s forced out of her foster home, but the stress and demands drive her to the edge, making her see things. A boy from her nightmares appears in a subway station, sending her life in twists of truth and lies, and darkness surrounds her from all sides. But is it only evil that hides in the shadows, or are the answers to her past lingering just beyond?


Chantal is a Dreamer, but not in the usual sense of the word.  She has these horrible nightmares that seem so real when she is having them.  She wakes up completely freaked out and the only thing that comforts her is something that should completely freak her out – a shadow man that she calls Nick.  She winds up telling him about her dreams and he becomes somewhat of a constant best friend throughout the years, even though he never talks or moves and he disappears when the lights go off.

Chantal lives in a foster home with someone that makes Miss Hannigan look like mother of the year.  As she’s gotten older, she is seeing Nick less and less.  She turns 18 and has to leave the foster home.  She has worked hard in school and at a job to save money so that she can go to school in New York. One night, she has particularly disturbing thing happen and winds up seeing Nick again.  But this time, Nick materializes right there in her apartment.  He comes to her aid when one of the nasty things from her dreams comes into her apartment and tries to kidnap her.  She has to leave with him in order to be safe and he won’t tell her very much about who she is or what she is or why she is so important.  All she knows is that this Shadow Man feels safe and she feels like she can trust what he says.  But at what cost?

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was intrigued by this synopsis as it sounded like something new and different and I love new and different!  This book definitely fits the bill of new and different and I loved it.  I was hooked in from the first chapter.  This book put my emotions through the wringer.  I was horrified, nervous, scared, apprehensive, laughing and intrigued.  I read this book so fast and I am not usually a fast reader.  It takes a really good book to pull me in and hold my attention long enough for me to read it in 1 day.

I loved the characters in this book.  Chantal is a very strong, very smart, very capable heroine.  Mathias is a sexy, confident, loving hero that will do anything and everything for Chantal, including die for her.  It isn’t hard to see that Chantal and Mathias are going to fall in love, but it doesn’t happen right away and it does present complications.  I love that about this book.  I don’t like when the male and female leads in the book have fallen in love, had sex and are practically married by the 3rd chapter.  Real life and love doesn’t happen like that.  I highly recommend this book and the series.  The book is a cliff-hanger but it isn’t one of those that frustrates you when it ends.  It is well written, descriptive, unpredictable and a great story.  There isn’t any sex in it but there are naughty words and yes, the “F” word is used.  So, if you don’t mind your teenager reading naughty words, then this book will be ok for them.

Legacy of a Dreamer gets 5 out of 5 books

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