The Lost Wolf’s Destiny by Karen Whiddon, reviewed by Venture



A desperate mother. A scarred man. A powerful bond…

The moment he saw Blythe Daphne on the television news, Lucas Kenyon knew three things: she was a shapeshifter, like him. She was the most desirable creature he had ever seen. And she was in terrible danger.

Now, the wolf in Lucas is driving him to save Blythe and her young daughter from a man he knows is evil personified. A man who believes all shapeshifters are demons straight from hell. But Lucas knows he must never reveal the secret that threatens to tear him apart—not even to the one woman who could heal him.


Lucas sees Blythe and Haily on television.  The evangelist Jacob is promising to cure Blythe’s daughter but in exchange she has to stay in his place called Sanctuary for 30 days.  Lucas knows that Jacob’s promises are empty and he can’t be trusted.  He decides that he has to save them from their mistake.  He can’t live with the fact he knows the truth and he might be able to save them. Because, Jacob is on a witch hunt but it isn’t witches he is after.

Blythe has had a hard time of it.  Her daughter has a rare heart disease and the only person she knows that can fix her daughter she cant find.  She tries all kinds of treatments to save her daughter.  Jacob is her last attempt.  She has a few misgivings about staying at Sanctuary but if that is all she has to do to save her daughter,  she will do it.  When she starts seeing the way things are she escapes but can’t find her daughter.

Lucas and Blythe have to become a team to get her daughter back safely.  Blythe isn’t sure she can trust Lucas.  She doesn’t know him or his history.  Plus she has lost faith in everyone.  All she wants is her daughter.  Lucas has secrets that he is unwilling to share.  They both need to start trusting each other or they might lose on not just saving Haily.

I was given this story to review and loved the characters from the beginning.  Some might see this as a love story but I find it to be a story of intrigue that happens to have some romance in it.  Things aren’t simple and there are twists and turn that you never expect.  I was continually surprised by things that happened in the book.  Two broken and untrusting people who have to depend on each other to get what they both want.  It’s a great story about putting trust issues aside and dealing with the past.  I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

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