Janet Wellington Double Feature – Homecoming and Up Close and Personal, reviewed by Venture

The Janet Wellington double feature

I find Janet Wellington romance novels to be everything a romance novel should be: charming stories that have the right touch of romance and a great story without turning into porn.  I loved her sense of humor and warmth that comes through in each novel.  Not a serial formula in each book but a completely different story.  A story worth reading.


Jake comes home to find his Aunt Tilley has passed away and Cory in her place.  Cory and Jake have a history.  Cory is surprised to know that Tilley is even related to Jake.  Now he needs to fulfill his Aunt’s request and restore the house to what it once was so they can sell it.    Cory was asked to do it in Jake’s absence.  Jake needs reminding of what is important and what isn’t any more.  The only thing he knows is that Cory is a small time girl and he isn’t a small time guy.  Then why does he find her so attractive?

You never forget your first crush.  Even after moving on and even getting married.  Unless you’re one of those fortunate ones to marry your first crush. Sometimes you need to confront the past to move on into the future.  This book had me emotionally involved and I admit she even made me cry.  The book is also sprinkled throughout with cat quotes that I thought were really cute.  If you like a romance and cats, you should read this book.

Up Close and Personal

Angie’s life is everything she ever thought she wanted.  She is a reporter, she is engaged to the perfect man, and she is about to get the job she has wanted.  A few problems begin to change her perfect world.  She is forced to do her segment on Green Zone, she meets the owner Jason MacDonald and then some unexpected news from her father.  Her perfect little world may not be as perfect as she thought or she might have to accept you can’t hide from your past; that certain matters are more important than how far you get in the “rat-race.”

This book is realizing the importance of relationships.  Your best-friend is your best-friend who knows you and always has your back.  It’s about the a daughter and father who don’t understand each other.  Its about love.  All kinds of love. It is also the power of forgiveness.  If you like a good romance by a great author then here is a book for you.  Plus any book that the main character carries the name Angie, has to be good.

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One response to “Janet Wellington Double Feature – Homecoming and Up Close and Personal, reviewed by Venture

  1. Gosh, thanks so much for this fab review!!! You totally captured what was in my writer’s heart….so rewarding, you have to understand. When readers “get” me, well, it’s magic!!

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