Doors by Daniel Brako


David Druas is a successful psychologist, with a thriving practice. When he encounters Hans Werner, a client who sees imaginary doors, life takes a dark and unexpected turn.

After trying to unravel the delusion, David also notices mysterious doors. Scattered throughout the city, they lead to beautiful, terrifying and dangerous new worlds. But are they real?

When Hans Werner is murdered, the evidence identifies David as the killer. Forced to become a fugitive, he struggles to escape the deepening nightmare that threatens to overwhelm him.

As the police close in, it becomes apparent that the doors are concealing a dark and tangled truth. The question is: can David unlock their secrets before his time and sanity run out?


This story kind of reminded me of the Stephen King series The Dark Tower in the aspect that there were doors that were used to go from place to place.  That is where the similarities end.  The story is much different.  It gets started pretty much right away and grabs the reader in because you know something seriously messed up and/or exciting is going to happen.  I wanted to know about the doors and how they worked and where they went.  I was intrigued by the idea of doors that go somewhere else, a different world or a different time.  Some of the doors in this story though are ones that I don’t think that I would want to enter.  The story took me by surprise and I didn’t know what was coming.  I really liked that because I was hoping that it was a completely unique story and I don’t like figuring things out.  I really enjoyed the writing and the characters.  I thought David was well written and believable in the actions that he takes in the story.  I most likely would’ve done the same things that he did had I been in his situation.  This was a really good story and I will be looking at his other works as potential candidates for my TBR.

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